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New York Times Crossword Answers, July 3rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of July 3rd 2017.

July 3rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Say "I don't" to instead of "I do"? JILT
Yemeni or Omani ARAB
Hail Mary, for one PASS
Enjoyed a buffet ATE
"Weapon" with foam darts NERFGUN
Solidly built STURDY
Source of pain, in kidspeak OWIE
Tupperware top LID
Personal interview ONEONONE
Capital of Morocco RABAT
Oodles ALOT
U.S. city less than 150 miles from the International Date Line NOME
Belles of the ball DEBS
Ending with church or movie GOER
Result of a melting icicle DRIP
Tolerate ABIDE
Neatnik's opposite SLOB
Gets an F FAILS
Award refused by Marlon Brando and George C. Scott OSCAR
Shorthand writer STENO
Part of a Happy Meal FRIES
Pat of "Wheel of Fortune" SAJAK
Asinine INANE
Republicans or Democrats PARTY
Theater district thoroughfare BROADWAY
Appropriate word found in 36-Down ROAD
See 59-Across GUTHRIE
Depend (on) RELY
Luke Perry or Jason Priestley, once TVIDOL
___ Bell (restaurant chain) TACO
___ of Troy HELEN
Lose, as fur SHED
Problem with a sock HOLE
Rick's love in "Casablanca" ILSA
Item in a restaurant basket ROLL
Like a jury that can't reach a decision HUNG
Himalayas setting ASIA
One of 50 on the U.S. flag STAR
Mine car load ORE
Physique, informally BOD
Tokyo's land JAPAN
How Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic SOLO
"Atlas Shrugged" author Ayn RAND
Spitting bullets IRATE
Minnesota baseballer TWIN
Skin soother ALOE
Air Force smart weapon LASERGUIDEDBOMB
Atlanta-based cable channel TBS
Cry after an errant golf shot FORE
Gives a grand speech ORATES
Like good Scotch AGED
Irritated state SNIT
Pioneering high jump maneuver of the 1960s FOSBURYFLOP
Not guzzle SIP
Sean of "The Lord of the Rings" ASTIN
"Apollo 13" director Howard RON
Superboy's love interest ___ Lang LANA
___ tea (summer drink) ICED
Illegal payment BRIBE
Slightly cracked, as a door AJAR
Superman's love interest Lois ___ LANE
Fish eggs ROE
Jack's fairy tale foe GIANT
Sign outside a sold-out show SRO
Thanksgiving entree ROASTTURKEY
Noggin HEAD
Brewery containers VATS
Captain America carries one SHIELD
Wealthy RICH
"Elvis ___ left the building" HAS
1956 Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy HOLLYWOODORBUST
Different ELSE
With 41-Down, "Alice's Restaurant" singer ARLO
Ancient region on the Aegean Sea IONIA
One who might expel a student DEAN
Say "HEY YOU!," e.g. YELL
Writer ___ Allan Poe EDGAR

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