Friday, July 7, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, July 8th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of July 8th 2017.

July 8th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Change into something else ADAPT
Hours-long meal SEDER
___ good (amazing) SCARY
Pitches ADS
Gamboling place LEA
Connection letters ISP
Nursery rhyme girl BOPEEP
"Challenge not accepted" ILLPASS
Supervised PROCTORED
Climactic scene in the Eminem film "8 Mile" RAPBATTLE
Competitor with a map and compass ORIENTEER
Concert lineup AMPS
Out of juice DEAD
Capital of Georgia TBILISI
What "O" may symbolize HUG
Doing away with SLAYING
Site that reviews 44-Down products CNET
Outlet for artisans CRAFTSHOW
Cousin of tartar sauce REMOULADE
Judge's call OVERRULED
Juice extraction device WINEPRESS
Longtime Knicks nickname MELO
"Challenge accepted" YOUREON
"Wasn't I right?" SEE
Certain PC storage area DDRIVE
See 27-Down TECH
Conclusion preceder ERGO
Really lean NOFAT
Astrologer known for annual forecast books OMARR
"Storage Wars" channel AANDE
Historic vehicle, briefly LEM
Dudgeon IRE
Shooting grp. NBA
Contemptible sort ASS
One may be cast-iron ALIBI
"No ___!" PROB
From quite a while back DECADESOLD
Hard to get hold of RARE
What can't hold still during lectures? ADAMSAPPLE
1960s TV character who says "Aw, shucks" OPIE
Kind of walk PERP
Plant-monitoring org. EPA
Bear trap fearer CBER
Intriguing meeting TRYST
Breakdance maneuver HEADSTAND
Midsize bra parts BCUPS
Bunch of, informally LOTTA
Braggadocio CROWING
Comparatively bright SMARTER
Vituperate REVILE
Lace place EYELET
Free Wi-Fi, e.g. AMENITY
Little beefs? SLIDERS
Links words FORES
Ancient theater ODEON
Wickedness TURPITUDE
Largest Italian seaport GENOA
Score symbol similar to a tie SLUR
Miss, for instance ERR
Citt� about 250 miles SE of 45-Across ROMA
In prime condition HALE
Summer cooler CEILINGFAN
Certain Confucian compilation ODES
Sci-fi transporter HOVERBOARD
Links WEDS
Site of Hercules' first labor NEMEA
Square root of nove TRE

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