Tuesday, July 4, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, July 5th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of July 5th 2017.

July 5th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Neckwear with dress whites ASCOT
Very whale-known performer? SHAMU
Woes on toes CORNS
Providing a better grip ANTISLIP
Part of b.p.m. PER
Boing, for a spring SOUNDEFFECT
Barbecue serving RIBS
One way to fall ILL
Worldly URBANE
Cooking class? FOODGROUP
Instrument that an orchestra tunes to OBOE
Thrill SEND
Have as a customer SELLTO
One of a dozen in un frigidaire OEUF
"___, I'm so scared! (not really)" OOH
Slangy form of 60-Across AINT
Many an internet meme ANIMATEDGIF
Quaint commercial suffix ORAMA
Countermand UNDO
Refusals NOES
___ Burov, K.G.B. officer on "The Americans" OLEG
Mexican money PESO
Place to grab a bite in Mexico TACOSTAND
People in an H. G. Wells novella ELOI
Boudoir wear LINGERIE
At a distance FAROFF
Nonproliferation treaty subjects, informally NTESTS
Not the usual spelling: Abbr. VAR
Crawl (along) INCH
Badly injures MAIMS
Factory, to its owner, e.g. ASSET
Wanda of "Snatched" SYKES
Greet with acclaim HAIL
Mrs. Albert Einstein ELSA
French filmdom CINE
Jar top LID
Onetime M&M's color TAN
Songwriters' org. ASCAP
Honorific that becomes another honorific if you reverse its last two letters SRI
Subjects of a Roswell museum UFOS
Twinkled SHONE
Hydrophobic substances OILS
Attire for a Druid ROBE
Travel edition of a classic board game? CARTROUBLE
Gift from heaven BOON
Prefix with directional OMNI
Channel 2? ENS
Superrich LOADED
Wax sculptor Marie TUSSAUD
Beside ALONG
Travel edition of a classic board game? LIFEONTHERUN
Consciously join OPTIN
Opposite of caliente FRIO
Peace activist Yoko ONO
Sprang LEAPT
One's nearest and dearest, informally FAM
Get by ELUDE
Window-closing key ESC
Part of the Dept. of Homeland Security FEMA
Some cosmetic surgeries, for short LIPOS
Travel edition of a classic board game? GOONVACATION
Puzzlements ENIGMAS
Nongay, typically HETERO
Atlanta-based health org. CDC
"I'm ___" ("Whatever you suggest") EASY
"Sad is my lot!" ALAS
Travel edition of a classic board game? FLIGHTRISK
Fails to be ISNT
Done, in Verdun FINI
Singer Mann AIMEE
Young fellows LADS
It might appear after an etym. DEF
Rats' places NESTS

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