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New York Times Crossword Answers, April 2nd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of April 2nd 2017.

April 2nd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Once in Love With ___' AMY
'___ Boom-De-Ay' TARARA
1961 title role for Charlton Heston ELCID
1991 Wimbledon champ Michael STICH
A comic called Wanda SYKES
Actor Holm IAN
Actress Anderson LONI
Airport amenity WIFI
Ally (with) SIDE
An evergreen FIR
Apothegm ADAGE
Ascribes, with 'up' CHALKS
Bad start? DYS
Bad-mouths MALIGNS
Banned insecticide DDT
Bobby of the Black Panthers SEALE
Brandy grade, briefly VSOP
Burglar frightener ARF
Candidate's goal SEAT
Capital of Uganda KAMPALA
Certain house ... or house dressing RANCH
Chapel Hill sch UNC
City, but not county, leader? SOFTC
Col.'s superior GEN
Cole Porter's 'Well, Did You ___?' EVAH
Commercial lead-in to Caps SNO
Crunchy green vegetable SNAPPEA
Desdemona's husband, in opera OTELLO
Direct STEER
Drab songbird WREN
Drew useful material from MINED
Droopy LIMP
Drop a line, say EDIT
Exist ARE
Fat substitute brand OLEAN
Fiery end? ASH
Fifth-century pope dubbed 'the Great' STLEO
Fixed fee SETRATE
Flight of fancy WHIMSY
Foolish oldsters DOTARDS
Foreboding atmosphere MIASMA
French region now part of the Grand Est ALSACE
German for 'first' ERST
Ghostbuster Spengler EGON
Gists NUBS
Global sports org IOC
Golden ___ (General Mills cereal) GRAHAMS
Greek peak OSSA
Gullet MAW
Hershey product similar to a Heath bar SKOR
Horse bit OAT
Idol worshiper PAGAN
In an attentive manner CLOSELY
Introversion SHYNESS
It's a long story SAGA
Jose ___ (tequila brand) CUERVO
K thru 12 ELHI
King who spoke at Kennedy's inaugural ball ALAN
La ___ (notre planète) TERRE
Land next to Peru: Abbr ECUA
Largest city of Yemen SANAA
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Med. scan MRI
Mild exclamation GEE
Mooers' mouthfuls CUDS
Muse of lyric poetry ERATO
Musical instruments that lie flat ZITHERS
Musical Mama CASS
Natl. Guard counterpart USNR
Nearly out? SLEEPY
Neuter GELD
Nonspecific amount ANY
Objectivist Rand AYN
Obligation DEBT
Of a heart chamber ATRIAL
One of the Wahlbergs DONNIE
One way to pay INCASH
Opening letters? ACRONYM
Part of a domain name DOT
Periodic table figs ATNOS
Pet protection agcy SPCA
Poetic time EEN
Pressed IRONED
Pride parade letters LGBT
Profitable GAINFUL
Publisher's pile: Abbr MSS
Raise REAR
Really bothers NAGSAT
Realm chronicled by C. S. Lewis NARNIA
Rich supply LODE
Samuel Adams, e.g ALE
Say further ADD
Second first lady ABIGAIL
Self-referential META
Show up APPEAR
Showy gymnastics maneuver AERIAL
Shudder of emotion FRISSON
Small, as Beanie Babies TEENIE
Some degrees NTHS
Something delivered by a diva ARIA
Spa sound AAH
Sportscaster Johnson ERNIE
Squealed SANG
Stephenie who wrote the 'Twilight' series MEYER
Stop, in sailor's lingo HEAVETO
Stop: Abbr STN
Supplemental work for actors ADS
That life evolves, to Darwin THESIS
They contain libidos IDS
They may match presidential administrations ERAS
Title film character played by Tyler Perry MADEA
Togalike Roman cloak ABOLLA
Volcano at the meeting point of the African and Eurasian plates ETNA
Wet blanket? DEW
Where cultures thrive? LAB
White House spokesman Spicer SEAN
Willa Cather's 'My ___' ANTONIA
Winter Olympics activity SKATING
Wonder Woman is one AMAZON
Writer who coined the term 'banana republic' OHENRY
Yale of Yale University ELIHU
Yoga poses ASANAS
___ es Salaam DAR
___ expected (predictably) ASWAS
___ Nui (Easter Island) RAPA
___ Park, Ill OAK
___ Préval, two-time president of Haiti RENE
___ the Explorer DORA

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