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New York Times Crossword Answers, April 24th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of April 24th 2017.

April 24th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Golly!' GEE
'It's certainly possible ...' ISUPPOSE
'Save me a ___!' SEAT
'See ya!' CIAO
'The best is ___ to come' YET
'___ is me!' WOE
2016 prize for Bob Dylan NOBEL
Airline app datum, for short ETA
Bit of appended text ENDNOTE
Body of water that separates Africa and Asia REDSEA
Book consulted by a do-it-yourselfer HOWTO
Capital of South Korea SEOUL
Celebrity psychic Geller URI
Clock-setting std GMT
Club ___ MED
Do laps in a pool SWIM
Down Under bird EMU
Ethel who sang 'There's No Business Like Show Business' MERMAN
F.B.I. worker, informally GMAN
Feels remorse over RUES
Flower that's also a girl's name PANSY
Flying horse of Greek myth PEGASUS
Gobbledygook WORDSALAD
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Habitual tube watchers COUCHPOTATOES
Hair that hangs over the forehead BANGS
Hankering URGE
Has debts OWES
Hot spring SPA
It might capture an embarrassing comment HOTMIC
It was often dropped in the '60s LSD
Like a wolf's howl in the dead of night EERIE
Like Jefferson on a list of presidents THIRD
Lock of hair TRESS
Looked open-mouthed GAPED
Marksman with an M40 SNIPER
Metal canisters TINS
Mideast native ARAB
Modern and cool HIP
Napped leather SUEDE
Nebraska's capital before Lincoln OMAHA
Notes of a chord played in rapid succession ARPEGGIO
Obstacle for a drone TREE
On the decline FADING
On the ___ (recuperating) MEND
One includes 'My cup runneth over' in the Bible PSALM
One wearing an apron and a puffy white hat CHEF
Out-of-date OLDHAT
Part in a movie ROLE
Path of mowed grass SWATH
Pet safety org SPCA
Place for a bud or a stud EAR
Plan that might include mutual funds, in brief IRA
Promise-to-pay note IOU
Put forward, as an idea POSIT
Ready SET
Recedes EBBS
River through Paris SEINE
Scot's cap TAM
Sheep's coat WOOL
Slight amount IOTA
Spoonful of medicine, say DOSE
Stand on three legs? EASEL
Steal from ROB
Store department selling suits and ties MENS
Swiss peak ALP
Time in Manhattan when it's midnight in Montana TWOAM
Unlocks OPENS
Up in arms IRATE
Used a lever on PRIED
Web designer's code HTML
What a shamed person has to 'eat' HUMBLEPIE
What amusement parks provide THRILLS
Who wrote of 'sorrow for the lost Lenore' POE
Woodchuck's escape route HOLE
Word cried twice before 'gone' GOING

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