Thursday, April 27, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, April 28th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of April 28th 2017.

April 28th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Eww, no more!' TMI
'Star Wars' nickname ANI
'The Flies' playwright SARTRE
'This place looks horrible!' WHATADUMP
Act out MIME
Application fig SSN
Bottom of the sea? HULL
Bug exterminator? CODER
California's Harvey ___ College MUDD
Chucklehead CLOD
Communication service since 2004 GMAIL
Concierge's handout CITYMAP
Court ruling LET
Cuckoo DAFT
Development period INCUBATION
Doesn't stay in the hole, as a ball BOUNCESOUT
Drummer Starkey ZAK
Food sticker TINE
Get low STOOP
Highway through the Yukon ALCAN
Hindu aphorisms SUTRA
Homey DAWG
In front of, to Shakespeare AFORE
Intermission starter? ENTR
Internet hookup MODEM
It hurts ACHE
Jared Kushner, as a notable example SONINLAW
Lacerate REND
Like some columns IONIC
Literally, 'highest city' ACROPOLIS
Memo directive ASAP
Mount Holyoke grad, e.g ALUMNA
Mystical characters RUNES
Narrow recess CRANNY
No longer a draft, say SENT
Oenophile's pride PALATE
Old RR watchdog ICC
Ollie's friend on old TV FRAN
Opposite of 'Too rich for me' IMIN
Org. since 1902 with 50 million members AAA
Pablo Picasso's designer daughter PALOMA
Part of XXX TIC
Pile at a publisher: Abbr MSS
Portmanteau garment SKORT
Practice WONT
Prada competitor FENDI
Prefix with -graphic DEMO
Prefix with -graphic XERO
Producer of red-and-white blooms AMARYLLIS
Rebounded ECHOED
Relative of an alligator CAIMAN
Santa player in 'Elf' ASNER
Showed CAME
Site where top hats and canes might be checked at the door GENTLEMENSCLUB
Sound that might be made while rubbing the arms BRR
Soup go-with CRACKER
Sports-themed restaurant ESPNZONE
Stack (or snack) on a table CHIPS
Subterfuge WILE
Throw a long football pass GODEEP
TV boy with spiked hair BART
Walked unsteadily TOTTERED
Went pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat RACED
Where people go to vote THEPOLLS
Word with road or blood TEST

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