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New York Times Crossword Answers, April 23rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of April 23rd 2017.

April 23rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Bonehead' and 'numbskull,' e.g INSULTS
'Dallas' actress ___ J. Wilson SHEREE
'Enough already!' QUITIT
'Family Matters' ubernerd URKEL
'Smart' one ALEC
'___ parvis magna' ('Greatness from small beginnings': Lat.) SIC
1938 #1 hit for 68-/70-Across, which was inspired by a nursery rhyme ATISKETATASKET
Accidentally hit 'reply all' on, say MISSEND
Act like APE
And the following: Abbr ETSEQ
Approve SAYYES
Arctic food fish CHAR
Arctic young 'un SEALPUP
Be ___ use OFNO
Beverage sponsor of the old 'Little Orphan Annie' radio show OVALTINE
Biblical quartet GOSPELS
Big blow GALE
Bluish shades TEALS
Bracket shapes ELLS
Brutish sort GORILLA
Button on the bottom of a multipage form CONTINUE
Café additive LAIT
Close again, as a purse RESNAP
Close buds BFFS
Congestion site SINUS
Cuba or Catalina: Abbr ISL
Detached ALOOF
Dog whose tail curls over the back SPITZ
Dreary GRAY
East German secret police STASI
Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette ___' RIEN
Elder Lannister son on 'Game of Thrones' JAIME
Extremely loud, in music FFF
Five Pillars of Islam, e.g TENETS
Fixture on a fishing dock SCALE
Flight attendant STEWARD
For grades 1-12, briefly ELHI
For laughs INJEST
Freedom Caucus, e.g BLOC
Gets some air INHALES
Good name for an Irish carpenter? OTOOLE
Gossipmonger YENTA
Great Lakes natives ERIES
Green who was a four-time vocal coach on 'The Voice' CEELO
H.S. big shots SRS
Hollywood job title EDITOR
Illustrator software maker ADOBE
Introduces slowly PHASESIN
Italian relatives MAMMAS
Jan. inits MLK
Japanese comic style MANGA
Kama ___ SUTRA
Lao-tzu follower TAOIST
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Listless feelings ENNUIS
Longbow wood YEW
Love interest for Anastasia in 'Anastasia' DIMITRI
Manage SEETO
Many August births LEOS
Maps of Alaska and Hawaii, often INSETS
Mass recitation AGNUSDEI
Melodic passages ARIOSI
Mermaids' home in Neverland LAGOON
Name on a blimp FUJI
Natural history museum sights FOSSILS
Near ringer LEANER
No fun, as a party DEAD
Notable quote by 68-/70-Across ISINGLIKEIFEEL
Nowadays LATELY
Occurrences in the 30s, say SLEETS
Old car named for an explorer DESOTO
One for the plus column ASSET
One in line? HEIR
One state symbol of Massachusetts ELMTREE
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills' SIA
Part of T.G.I.F ITS
Part of the earth CRUST
Perfumer's liquid ACETAL
Picks out of a lineup, informally IDS
Piñata smasher, maybe NINO
Polish coin ZLOTY
Polynesian carvings TIKIS
Popular pairing with steak au poivre CABERNET
Portion of a penny ZINC
Promising action on a fishing line TUG
Quantity of toys on Santa's sleigh SACKFUL
Question asked while extending the hand, maybe TRUCE
Rapa ___ (locale of many monoliths) NUI
Reassuring touch PAT
Record label that looks like the name of a radio station KTEL
Red as ___ ABEET
Repeated collaborator with 68-/70-Across LOUISARMSTRONG
Ride and Field SALLYS
Road offense, for short DUI
Sacred choral works MOTETS
See 68-Across ELLA
Set oneself right, in a way ATONED
Set piece? TVCAMERA
Setting for a fine meal CHINA
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Signature tune of 68-/70-Across HOWHIGHTHEMOON
Silence MUTE
Singer with the 1984 hit '99 Luftballons' NENA
Sister of Helios and Selene EOS
Skating champ Brian ORSER
Skewered Asian dish SATAY
Slip in a book ERRATUM
Soft drink brand DADS
Solitudinarians LONERS
Sports team V.I.P.s GMS
State representatives? STARS
Stone Age relics NEOLITHS
Suffix with sheep or hawk ISH
Summer piazza treat GELATO
Takeoff figs ETDS
Talk endlessly to JAWAT
The hots LUST
Three-stripers: Abbr SGTS
Thwarted FOILED
Tough draws in the game Bananagrams ZTILES
Trade jabs (with) SPAR
Turkish title AGHA
Unlikely book club recommendation SMUT
Van Gogh's 'Le Café de ___' NUIT
Vegan staple TOFU
Vintner's cask TUN
Where Nice is en France SUD
Winter celebration abroad TET
With 70-Across, nickname for a celebrated performer born on April 25, 1917 LADY
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Wyatt of the Old West EARP
___ Coast, scenic area near Capri AMALFI
___ Nast (magazine publisher) CONDE
___ Reports CONSUMER

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