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New York Times Crossword Answers, March 12th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of March 12th 2017.

March 12th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Held in reserve SETBY
Queen topper TIARA
Jostle ELBOW
Move, informally RELO
Is unobliged to NEEDNOT
Soldier, for one ANT
Curtain fabric NINON
Ticked off ANNOYED
Wear and tear USE
Some sporty cars GTS
Popular landscaping plants HOSTAS
Compact TREATY
Dreaded comment on a returned exam SEEME
Lead-in to boy or girl ATTA
Island chain? LEI
1993 film that garnered Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars THEPIANO
Turnaround too tempting to pass up? IRRESISTIBLEUIE
Wand wielder MAESTRO
"What happened next?" ANDTHEN
Puzzle inventor Rubik ERNO
Brandy fruit PEAR
Unpopular baby name ADOLF
Formation fliers GEESE
Hour in the graveyard shift ONEAM
Target of a 1972 ban DDT
It's inescapable FATE
Nice piece of change TIDYSUM
Plays without a break ONEACTS
"Check out the Argentine soccer star!"? LOOKATTHATMESSI
500, e.g. AUTORACE
Exercitation EFFORT
Grp. that might have a launch party NASA
Where kids get creative in school ARTLAB
Diving equipment co-invented by Jacques Cousteau AQUALUNG
Shout from an arm waver OVERHERE
They may have many chapters UNIONS
Part of the brain that controls involuntary functions MEDULLA
Reds, Blues or Browns PROTEAM
World Cup chant OLE
Start to practice? MAL
Schedule position SLOT
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
2005 horror sequel SAWII
Undercover operation STING
Stuffy-sounding NASAL
Picture of health, in brief? MRI
First African-American to win a Best Actor Oscar POITIER
Tivoli's Villa d'___ ESTE
Attractions for bees NECTARS
They're always tired CLICHES
French ice cream flavorer MENTHE
Lessener ABATER
Gossip DISH
"___ where they ain't" HITEM
Natural history museum exhibits, for short DINOS
Centers of early development UTERI
Composer who taught Beethoven HAYDN
"Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure" TEDS
Short, for short LIL
1945 battle site, informally IWO
2018 Super Bowl number LII
Internet ___ (what we live in) ERA
Chest protectors STERNA
The 2000s, with "the" NAUGHTS
Camry competitor ALTIMA
Fisher of fashion EILEEN
Coming up INSTORE
1943 conference site TEHRAN
"Put that Southern state on next month's agenda"? TABLETENNESSEE
Like some wedding cakes and stadiums TIERED
Pooh's pal ROO
New York : The Big Apple :: ___ : The Big Guava TAMPA
Pain in the neck PEST
Go off course YAW
What a male babysitter may sport? NANNYGOATEE
Panama, e.g.: Abbr. ISTH
Numbskull DODO
Minuscule, informally EENSY
Romantic liaison AFFAIRE
Shared with, as a story TOLDTO
Ending with chick ADEE
Spoils, in a way RAINSON
Playing a fifth N.F.L. period, say INOT
Romanian currency LEU
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Race pace TROT
___ volente (God willing) DEO
Like a fired Broadway star? OFFTHEMARQUEE
Small handful IMP
Comedian Smirnoff YAKOV
Auric Goldfinger, to James Bond FOE
Leave thunderstruck STUN
Color in "America the Beautiful" AMBER
Do to do SCALE
A.A.A. and B.B.B. ORGS
Jai ___ ALAI
One in a crowd at a bookstore? WALDO
Billiards feature RAIL
South American greeting ALO
Eskimo-___ languages ALEUT
Winter hrs. in Vail MST
Sweaty, irritable rabbit? HOTCROSSBUNNY
Suffix with nod- ULE
Follow HEED
Really bother EATAT
Grp. in the Oscar-winning documentary "Citizenfour" NSA
Kunis of "Black Swan" MILA
Bit of bar food WING
Real hoot SCREAM
Commotions POTHERS
Setting for many Stephen King novels MAINE
"The Persistence of Memory" artist DALI
"Pencils down!" TIME
What'll feed everyone at a tailgate party? THEBIGCHILI
"What else could it be?!" DUH
Road to the Forum, e.g. ITER
"Lovergirl" singer ___ Marie TEENA
Christmas song contraction TIS
Broadway star Rivera CHITA
Supermodel B�ndchen GISELE
Reformed barbarian? ATTILATHEHONEY
Start of a marital spat? HESAID
2000s TV hit set in Baltimore THEWIRE
Guinness entry RECORD
Vocal quavers TRILLS
A cross might be given for it HEROISM
Invites across the threshold ASKSIN

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