Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, March 29th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of March 29th 2017.

March 29th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
''Twasn't me' and others DENIALS
'Darn it!' HECK
'Honey wine' MEAD
: Abbr POS
1950s autos with 'horse collar' grilles EDSELS
1974 hit with Spanish lyrics ERESTU
A dance, or a dip SALSA
Admit ___ ONE
Aromatic additive to natural gas ODORANT
Board hiree, for short CEO
C.T.A. transports ELS
Camera named for a goddess EOS
Censure publicly DENOUNCE
Cock-a-___ (dog breed) POO
Crash-probing agcy NTSB
Crisis time, for some ... or a hint to each of the circled words MIDDLEAGE
Criticism, informally FLAK
Detox, say CLEANSE
Dim bulb DODO
Dogie catchers ROPERS
Dorm V.I.P.s RAS
Exchange SWAP
Fathers and sons HES
Female pen pal, maybe AMIE
Game for dummies? BRIDGE
Gets in trouble, in a way TELLSON
Glimpse ESPY
Gushes SPEWS
Hamlet's killer LAERTES
In one piece ENTIRE
Indian royal RANI
It's an honour: Abbr OBE
J. E. B. Stuart's superior in the Civil War RELEE
Jayhawks' home: Abbr KANS
Joe Biden, for 36 yrs SEN
John Irving title hero GARP
Label rarely seen on silk garments MACHINEWASHABLE
Lakeside furniture item ADIRONDACKCHAIR
Laudatory piece ODE
Lay off IDLE
Leather often treated to look like morocco ROAN
Like many Poe tales MACABRE
Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
Make a snarling sound GNAR
N.L. East city ATL
Needing scratching ITCHY
Oven feature TIMER
Peanut butter choice CREAMY
Prelude to a deal ANTE
Really angry IREFUL
Recess game TAG
Rudy's coach in 'Rudy' ARA
SEAL's org USN
Sharpshooter's asset AIM
Sierra and Acadia vehicles GMCS
Simoleon CLAM
Snaky character ESS
So-called missing link APEMAN
Spike, as punch LACE
Splits in half BISECTS
Stays under the radar LIESLOW
Teutonic turndown NEIN
Things that power Teslas ELECTRICENGINES
Thus far YET
Tree with triangular nuts BEECH
Typo, e.g ERROR
Wide-screen movie format CINERAMA
Wooley who sang 'The Purple People Eater' SHEB
Words heard in 24-Across, maybe IMIT
Year the Korean War began MCML
___-Free (contact lens solution) OPTI

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