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New York Times Crossword Answers, March 5th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of March 5th 2017.

March 5th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
North American flycatcher PEWEE
"S.N.L." alum Cheri OTERI
Unloading zone WHARF
Happy hour habitu� SOT
Jack ___ SPRAT
Guerrilla leader in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" PABLO
Constellation near Scorpius ARA
Low-___ CAL
8 x 10, e.g.: Abbr. ENL
Garlicky spread AIOLI
Wouldn't shut up RANON
"Geez!" MAN
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Condition contributed to by a lack of [circled letters] TOOTHDECAY
Rider of the horse Tornado ZORRO
Turns into confetti SHREDS
Seaman's chapel BETHEL
Ingredients in some London pies EELS
Top story ATTIC
Things bouncers are supposed to catch FAKEIDS
Denouement END
"A.S.A.P.!" RUSH
Beowulf or Gilgamesh EPICHERO
Jewelry store gadget SIZER
Watch, as a criminals' hiding spot STAKEOUT
Do a wine steward's job POUR
Waffle brand EGGO
She, in Salerno ELLA
Incense MADDEN
___ twins of 1980s-'90s TV OLSEN
State confidently AVER
Mire BOG
Minute ___ RICE
Dispatched, as a dragon SLEW
Foreign capital whose name sounds like a water passage to San Francisco BEIRUT
He married Daisy Mae in 1952 LILABNER
Homes on the range TEPEES
Ride hard NAG
Who wrote "I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating" SARTRE
Branded footwear with open backs CROCS
"Everything's fine" ITSCOOL
Think piece? IDEA
Capital of Togo LOME
Fabled [circled letters]-hiding trickster LEPRECHAUN
Quatre halved DEUX
Exhibits one of the seven deadly sins ENVIES
Modern acronym for "Seize the day!" YOLO
Trudge PLOD
Eliciting nervous laughter, say EDGY
Market share? STOCK
Poverty, e.g. WOE
Issue for a noble family? SCION
Tiny amount DRIB
W.W. II moniker ILDUCE
KPMG hiree CPA
Certain platonic friend GALPAL
Shock, in a way TASE
Yogurt-based Indian drink LASSI
Employ against USEON
Brand with classic "But wait, there's more ...!" infomercials GINSU
Leave at a loss STUMP
Everglades wader EGRET
Ballet school supporter BARRE
Came to AWOKE
To the point TERSE
Tartan wearer SCOT
Numerical prefix TRI
Big heart? ACE
British can LOO
Itinerary abbr. ETD
"Now I've got it!" AHA
Image on a Wisconsin state quarter COW
Big hits POWS
Something repeatedly hit with a thumb SPACEBAR
Flat bread MATZO
Zeitgeist ETHOS
Recurring theme in Philip K. Dick novels PARANOIA
Cousin of a mandrill BABOON
[Circled letters]-filled contraption WEATHERBALLOON
Cry for more ENCORE
Affirm one's humanity? ERR
Tangible REAL
Capote, informally TRU
World landmark built with [circled letters] EIFFELTOWER
Being repaired, as a car INTHESHOP
Spots ADS
It's hard to bear ONUS
Halfhearted, as support TEPID
Can't wait to find out, in a way PEEKS
[Circled letters]-based drugs MOODSTABILIZERS
Check out OGLE
Unvarnished BALD
Great confusion HAVOC
Sea serpent of old cartoons CECIL
Citrus hybrid UGLI
Bomb developed in the 1950s EDSEL
College party epicenter, often KEG
Homeland of Spartacus THRACE
[Circled letters]-advertised establishment ROADSIDEDINER
"What'd I tell ya?" SEE
Berried conifer YEW
Existentialist Kierkegaard SOREN
Language heard along the Mekong LAO
Chocolate-and-banana liqueur cocktail CAPRI
Poorly ILL
Letter on a dreidel NUN
Picture displayed on a [circled letters] surface DAGUERREOTYPE
Fails to DOESNT
Kind of developer WEB
Conservative portfolio asset, for short TNOTE
Convinced SOLD
Worthless EMPTY
Now hear this! SOUND
Obsolescent players VCRS
Put a stop to? CLOG
[Circled letter]-consuming activity AEROBICEXERCISE
"That's great!" GOODY
Strain to avoid? ECOLI
Stinky RIPE
Underlying cosmic principle TAO
Ones getting all the breaks LUCKYDOGS
Sports implement often made from [circled letters] BASEBALLBAT
Smokers should knock it off ASH
Soldiers' assignments UNITS
Betray surprise GASP
Be behind OWE
Evergreen State airport SEATAC
[Circled letter]-fueled device NUCLEARREACTOR
One given a citation SOURCE
Not so awkward SMOOTHER
Certain navel INNIE
Au courant UPTODATE
"What fun!" WHEE

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