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New York Times Crossword Answers, March 27th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of March 27th 2017.

March 27th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Fingers crossed!' IHOPE
'I love,' to Cato AMO
'Most likely ...' ODDSARE
'Smoking or ___?' NON
'The one thing that's clear to me ...' ALLSIKNOW
'What do you think of ...?' HOWSABOUT
'What ___, chopped liver?' AMI
'You can't joke about that yet' TOOSOON
'___ day now ...' ANY
10%-er: Abbr AGT
Actor Holbrook HAL
Appear SEEM
Biden and Pence, in brief VPS
Big electronics chain BESTBUY
Blow away WOW
Blue state? MISERY
Boaters' implements OARS
Boxing achievements, in brief TKOS
Choir member TENOR
Crow's sound CAW
Cuba's capital HAVANA
Cultural spirit ETHOS
Currency of France or Italy EURO
Dance in which one partner might hold a rose between his teeth TANGO
Day-___ paint GLO
Dec. celebration XMAS
Enters hurriedly RUNSIN
Event for meeting new people MIXER
Expressed amazement AAHED
FedEx rival UPS
Fluorescent bulb alternative, for short LED
Greedy one HOG
Group of books that an educated person is supposed to be familiar with CANON
Group of three TROIKA
In the company of AMONG
Japanese soup MISO
Jason's ship ARGO
Jealous words of congratulations LUCKYYOU
Labourite's opponent, in British politics TORY
Liable to tip over, maybe TOPHEAVY
License plates TAGS
Lose traction on the road SKID
Many millennia EON
Mimic APE
Narrative connector ANDTHENISAYS
Narrow water passage STRAIT
Novices TYROS
Obama's successor TRUMP
Often-unheeded advice from dentists FLOSS
Ohio city that was once the Rubber Capital of the World AKRON
Old-fashioned wine holder FLAGON
One might apply gloss to them LIPS
Peach or walnut TREE
Peach pit or walnut SEED
Perfect world UTOPIA
Planted, as discord SOWED
Police operation ... or, when read another way, what a grammarian would like to do to 18-, 24-, 52- and 65-Across? STAKEOUT
Polite affirmative YESMAAM
Problem with a shoelace KNOT
Pull off perfectly NAIL
Reprieves LETUPS
Set of pictures at a dentist's XRAYS
Some woodwinds OBOES
Sound to fear in the savanna ROAR
Thanksgiving dessert PIE
That guy HIM
Things for sale WARES
Thorny parts of roses STEMS
Tick off RILE
Unscripted comedy, informally IMPROV
Unsuccessful FAILED
Vietnamese soup PHO
Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books OLAF
Watch over GUARD
What car wheels turn on AXLE
What Google's Ngram program tracks, for word usage TRENDS
When planes are due to take off, for short ETDS
___ Juan, Puerto Rico SAN
___ Lanka SRI

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