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New York Times Crossword Answers, March 7th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of March 7th 2017.

March 7th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Millionths of a meter MICRA
Spam medium EMAIL
Movie that came out about the same time as "A Bug's Life" ANTZ
Emulate Pinocchio LIE
Orch. section STR
Something necessary AMUST
Gripes CARPS
It's just for openers KEYCASE
Letters on a "Wanted" poster AKA
Major scuffle MELEE
Sydney ___ House OPERA
Agave fiber used in rugs SISAL
Sheep sound BAA
Job to do TASK
Catches some rays TANS
Altitudes: Abbr. HTS
States positively SAYSSO
Winter hrs. in Texas CST
The Stones' "12 x 5" and "Flowers" LPS
Chinese philosopher ___-tzu LAO
"___ Baba and the Forty Thieves" ALI
Full complement of bowling pins TEN
"Give him some space!" STANDBACK
Chess champ Mikhail TAL
Copy APE
Bones, anatomically OSSA
Done bit by bit GRADUAL
Half of a square dance duo GAL
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Makes void NULLS
___ Walton League (conservation group) IZAAK
Given to smooching KISSY
___ nth degree TOTHE
Dadaist Max ERNST
Lead-in to Cat or cone SNO
Prop found near a palette EASEL
___-craftsy ARTSY
27-Across taker, typically TEEN
Shape of a three-way intersection TEE
Channel with explosive content? TNT
52, in old Rome LII
Things that may be displayed on a general's chest MEDALS
"Oh no!," in comics ACK
Old Testament prophet AMOS
"Leave this to me!" IMONIT
West who said "It's better to be looked over than overlooked" MAE
Foreign Legion hat KEPI
Famously unfinished 14th-century literary work, with "The" CANTERBURYTALES
Hotel name synonymous with poshness RITZ
Org. whose motto is "We are their voice" ASPCA
Historical period ERA
"Happy Days" diner ALS
"How cheap!" THATSASTEAL
Exam for the college-bound, for short PSAT
Reggae relative SKA
What one might start over with CLEANSLATE
Arthur Ashe Stadium org. USTA
Prevents litter? SPAYS
Beverage that may be 41-Across ALE
Alternative to "bottled" ONTAP
"Shame on you!" sounds TSKS
Losing crunchiness, as chips GOINGSTALE
Ukr., e.g., once SSR
Org.'s cousin ASSN
Historical figure played by David Bowie in "The Prestige" NIKOLATESLA
Narcotics-fighting grp. DEA
Rapid-fire gun UZI
Embellish ADORN
Uphill aid for skiers TBAR
Cut with a beam LASE
Sighs of relief AHS
Some family reunion attendees NIECES
___ terrier SKYE
Tennis do-over LET
Like wind chimes TINKLY

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