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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 13th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 13th 2017.

February 13th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Worker protection org. OSHA
Reluctant (to) LOATH
Like the band Josie and the Pussycats ALLFEMALE
Stereo control: Abbr. VOL
Walking ONFOOT
Saks ___ Avenue FIFTH
Former Italian P.M. whose name means "beloved" AMATO
Cut again, as grass REMOW
China's Mao ___-tung TSE
Reduced, with "back" SCALED
Beehive product HONEY
Houston player ASTRO
Poem like "The swallow flies up / Into a blue evening sky, / Summer's small herald" HAIKU
Devour with the eyes OGLE
Cookie morsel CRUMB
Share a border with ABUT
"Well, what have we here!" OHO
Brooch PIN
___ Lanka SRI
Item in a golfer's pocket TEE
B-ball official REF
Alternative to arbitrary governance RULEOFLAW
Wriggly fish EEL
Smokey Bear ad, e.g., for short PSA
Doesn't leave STAYS
Deice THAW
Gave for a while LENT
State that the Arctic Circle passes through ALASKA
Aesthetic taste PALATE
"Call me ___!" "O.K., you're ...!" ACAB
Proverbial waste maker HASTE
Heavenly hunter ORION
"Bad, bad" Brown of song LEROY
Small egg OVULE
Houston player, once OILER
Metes (out) DOLES
Spanish wine region, with "La" RIOJA
Horse whose coat is sprinkled with white hairs ROAN
F.D.R.'s successor HST
"Six-pack" muscles ABS
Name of five Norwegian kings OLAV
Words after work or museum OFART
Former Iranian leader SHAH
How Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic SOLO
French department capital known in Roman times as Nemausus NIMES
___ Nostra (crime group) COSA
Rock and roll has one in Cleveland HALLOFFAME
Pro's opposite ANTI
Org. that monitors gun sales ATF
Reached GOTTO
Shop employee CLERK
Words of greeting HELLOHOWAREYOU
Chandon's partner in Champagne MOET
Blossom-to-be BUD
October birthstone OPAL
Play, as a guitar STRUM
Dem.'s counterpart REP
1980s cop show that TV Guide once ranked as the greatest TV drama of all time HILLSTREETBLUES
Dollar bill ONE
Robber THIEF
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Battery for a TV remote AAA
Window unit PANE
James Earl Jones or Tommy Lee Jones HOLLYWOODACTOR
String quartet instrument VIOLA
An evergreen FIR
Gentlemen SIRS
Made off with TOOK
Freezing rain SLEET
Mexico's ___ California BAJA
One-named New Age singer ENYA
Succinctly put TERSE
What the Ugly Duckling became SWAN

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