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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 19th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 19th 2017.

February 19th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Of poor quality, in modern slang JANKY
Set apart ALONE
College in Lewiston, Me. BATES
Steep BREW
Big movie theater chain AMC
Miniature lobster lookalikes CRAWDADS
Every EACH
They may be put up before a fight DUKES
President-___ ELECT
Starts of many emails HIS
Burma's first prime minister UNU
Warm welcome at Waikiki LEI
Exams for some H.S. students APTESTS
Singer/guitarist ___ Ray Vaughan STEVIE
Early wheels TRIKE
Unsolved crime OPENCASE
Theater backdrop STAGESET
Onetime MGM rival RKO
Trite OLD
Coming up ONTAP
Canon rival NIKON
Hardly ___ EVER
Fishing vessel DORY
In the neighborhood AROUND
Changing room? COCOON
Go-betweens AGENTS
Fine-tuning HONING
Acrobatic AGILE
Be overly sweet CLOY
Hip-hop's ___ Def MOS
Cubbyhole NICHE
Performing beneath one's usual level NOTON
Late times, in ads NITES
Bigger than big EPIC
The Bee Gees, for much of their career TRIO
Ancient market AGORA
Ruth's 2,214 RBIS
Circular things that arrive in square boxes PIZZAS
Lumberjacks AXMEN
Narcotic OPIATE
One carrying a torch? WELDER
Ending with poly- ESTER
Valhalla V.I.P. ODIN
Certain vacuum tube DIODE
"Actually, come to think of it ..." OHWAIT
Egg on GOAD
Hiking group, with "the"? FED
Greek city mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles BEREA
Backs, anatomically DORSA
With consequences ATAPRICE
As much as possible TOTHEMAX
Motor oil brand HAVOLINE
"The Lord of the Rings" actor Billy BOYD
Step up or down RUNG
Relied (on) DEPENDED
Theme for an annual city-magazine issue BESTOF
The inside track LANEONE
Narc's org. DEA
Arroyos WASHES
Spanish kids NENES
Cold War flier MIG
Glow in the dark? EMBER
"Say cheese!" SMILE
Dressed to the nines, with "up" DUDED
Goddess of peace IRENE
Canon rival XEROX
___ Major URSA
Mother of Artemis LETO
Farm call MOO
Post-O.R. stop ICU
Grp. of Senators NHL
PC key ESC
Bloblike "Star Wars" character JABBA
Give over CEDE
Great shakes? HULAS
Low rolls TWOS
Auto feature ALARM
Julia of Hollywood RAUL
Ham-handed INEPT
Enthralled RAPT
Office for decoding messages? NOTECRACKERSUITE
The average size of its stores is 300,000 square feet IKEA
Had more than an inkling KNEW
"Rats!" AWHECK
Bringing to mind EVOKING
"Indubitably!" YES
Anxious condition, briefly OCD
What one might sit in at a Cheech & Chong movie? STONEDSILENCE
"Puppy Love" singer, 1960 ANKA
Election Day affirmation IVOTED
Oomph GAS
Hauled (away) CARTED
WikiLeaks associates HACKERS
Inspiration MUSE
Herder's mantra? NOGOATSNOGLORY
Virtual dog or cat, maybe NEOPET
Glaciate ICEUP
Fake news site, with "The" ONION
Sign on a jar at a bar TIPS
Mass. neighbor CONN
In a pretentious manner ARTILY
Series opener PARTI
Fall behind OWE
Quality control problem at Oscar Mayer? HOTDOGBONE
Title of a book about Southern Reconstruction? DIXIECOPES
Nav. rank ENS
Word before or after nothing DOING
Doohickeys GIZMOS
Sword handle HILT
They may be decorated for the holidays FIRS
Nickname for a Miami 12-time N.B.A. All-Star DWADE
Goddess usually pictured with a helmet ATHENA
Two sights in a yacht's galley? BREADANDBOATER
Prey for a heron or garter snake TOAD
French pilgrimage site LOURDES
Stranger EERIER
Off-road transport, informally ATV
___ Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock DWAYNE
Sound heard by an exam proctor, say PSST
Helpful things for killing time nowadays? PHONEANDGAMES
Fraternity letter ETA
Number of French kings named Charles DIX
Catch's partner RELEASE
Prefix with therapy IMMUNO
"Sign me up!" IMIN
Pigeon trainer, at times? HOMINGBIRDFEEDER
Crook, e.g. CANE
Book of ___ (ancient Jewish text) ENOCH
"Who ___?" ELSE
Kind of pad STENO
Past partners EXES
1988 Olympics site SEOUL
Studied READ
Ancient manuscript CODEX

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