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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 23rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 23rd 2017.

February 23rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Short run? JOG
Lawman played by James Garner and Kevin Costner EARP
*1970s fad item THIRTYROCK
___ rose (English heraldic emblem) TUDOR
California's ___ Woods MUIR
Island in the Coral Triangle BALI
"___ plaisir!" AVEC
Help stimulate the economy SPEND
Pulls a fast one on FORTYWINKS
Promote PUSH
"Dr." of rap DRE
"Hell if I know!" GOTME
Alan of "Argo" ARKIN
"___ be my pleasure!" ITD
Advisory grp. to the president NSC
Title meaning "master" SAHIB
Capital of Sweden KRONA
Where Harley-Davidson Inc. is HOG NYSE
Dog, cat or hamster PET
Tabloid pair ITEM
Historical record ANNAL
Tale of derring-do GESTE
The devil's playthings, they say IDLEHANDS
Drone's mission AIRSTRIKE
"Back to my point ..." ANYWAY
TV Land programming RERUNS
Hot temper IRE
Clear the dishes? EAT
Muslim face veil NIQAB
Song that might have hosannas PAEAN
Native people of Guatemala ITZA
Wister who was known as the father of western fiction OWEN
Join together WELD
School with five March Madness titles DUKE
Snoozer BORE
A party to INON
Some personnel info: Abbr. SSNS
Principle behind yin and yang TAO
Something you might get with a piercing, informally TAT
Joan nicknamed "The Godmother of Punk" JETT
Many a W.S.J. subscriber MBA
Org. that started during the California gold rush SFPD
Home of the all-vowel-named town Aiea OAHU
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Flood (in) POUR
Electrical system GRID
Wayne Gretzky, for 10 seasons OILER
Highland tongue ERSE
Maven PRO
Indefinite ordinal NTH
Request at the barber's TRIM
Midwest capital, to locals INDY
Domain of Horus, in Egyptian myth SKY
*Bulletin board fasteners TENPINS
Joker WAG
Toiletry brand whose TV ads once featured the Supremes ARRID
Thus far YET
Michael who played Bruce Wayne's butler CAINE
Engine cover HOOD
Purplish bloom ASTER
Establishments that often have porte coch�res INNS
What might get the ball rolling INCLINE
Burrowing animal of southern Africa MEERKAT
Napoleon's place BAKERY
Fight on a mat, in dialect RASSLE
Chopped HEWN
What might get the ball rolling PUTT
Where Herbert Hoover was born IOWA
Actor Turner of "The Hobbit" AIDAN
A tater can produce up to four of these RBIS
"Which weighs more - a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?" and others TWENTYQUESTIONS
Novelist Fitzgerald ZELDA
Letters preceding a pseudonym AKA
City where LeBron James was born AKRON
"As a result ..." ANDSO
Cohen who co-founded an ice cream company BEN
They come after 12 TEENS

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