Friday, February 3, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, February 4th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 4th 2017.

February 4th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
"___ vobiscum" ("the Lord be with you") DOMINUS
Influence IMPACT
One rolling dough PIN
Plumeria creation LEI
Stir ADO
Wants YENS
___ Bill Weedles (Land of Oz character) CAPN
"Bacchus and ___" (Titian painting) ARIADNE
Gradually become noticeable SEEPIN
Slip away ESCAPE
Changes back STETS
Item worn by the Count on "Sesame Street" MONOCLE
Post box's contents CEREAL
Spica's constellation VIRGO
Concert venues ARENAS
Back-to-back moves DOSIDOS
Eminent scholar SAVANT
Company that bought (and later sold) Skype EBAY
Cannonball's path ARC
Old Roman coins LIRE
More south of the border? MAS
Stood for DENOTED
Makes up (for) ATONES
Parson's residence MANSE
Over-the-counter product? FORMICA
Inseparable duo BESTIES
Permanent magnet metal COBALT
Repair shop amenity LOANER
Nissan model discontinued in 2015 XTERRA
Statistical calculations MODES
Name on a bottle of Pleasures perfume ESTEE
City near Turin ASTI
Hebrew letter on a dreidel SHIN
Noted writer who married his first cousin when she was 13 POE
Along with AND
National Grandparents' Day mo. SEP
You'll see things in them you can't handle DISPLAYCASES
Best-selling celebrity tell-all book of 1978 MOMMIEDEAREST
Something work-related COMPANIONPIECE
Forgivable VENIAL
Answer rudely SNAPAT
Inflexible, as rules IRONCLAD
Stock market events DIPS
Edited for television, maybe RECUT
Sitcom set in Lanford, Ill. ROSEANNE
Ben-___ (N.F.L. cheerleading squad) GALS
Final car built in Buick City before its shutdown LESABRE
Estadio cheer OLE
A little cleaner MINIVAC
Fish ladder site DAM
Physicist who formulated the two laws of electrolysis FARADAY
What bugs are found in BETA
Completes the purchase of CLOSESON
Gas in an ion thruster XENON
Medieval invader of Spain MOOR
Tops of the Mounties STETSONS
Onetime White House family OBAMAS
Parlor fixture SETTEE
They're known as "Viennese bread" in Scandinavia DANISHPASTRIES
Helped someone move into an office, say ELECTIONEERED
Common baby food STRAINEDPEAS

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