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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 26th 2017.

February 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Weapon usually fired between a 45� and 90� angle MORTAR
Go wherever MEANDER
With 41-Down, first tennis player to win two Olympic singles gold medals ANDY
Potent sushi bar cocktail SAKEBOMB
Dependent on chance ALEATORY
Against the jet stream WEST
French region around Strasbourg ALSACE
Tray of brownies, e.g. BATCH
Philosopher who said "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion" BURKE
Christian school in Okla. ORU
Skin art, informally TAT
Character resembling a hat CARET
Drawer, say ARTIST
Flower named for a Swedish botanist DAHLIA
All done up, as hair STYLED
Den mother VIXEN
Like original Buddy Holly and the Crickets recordings MONO
Turned BAD
Detergent brand with a fabric in its name WOOLITE
Gets back on base TAGSUP
"And that's it!" TADA
Abbr. on a pay stub FICA
God: It. DIO
Thoughtful PENSIVE
So-ugly-it's-cute pooch PUG
See 4-Down MURRAY
One-named singer once married to Xavier Cugat CHARO
Letter feature SERIF
Take back, in a way REPO
CD or DVD follower ROM
"___ is life" SUCH
"We're on!" ITSAGO
Muslim official SHERIF
I, personally MYSELF
E-business DOTCOM
By voice ORALLY
One side in a pool game SOLIDS
Subject of a tinfoil hat theory UFO
Peak physical condition TOPFORM
Put up stakes BET
Stop seeing each other ENDIT
Box on a mall map STORE
Former tribe in western New York ERIE
Singer Simone NINA
@@@ ATS
Less stormy GENTLER
Sea creatures with remarkably high I.Q.s OCTOPI
Turn-___ (thrills) ONS
Congo red and gentian violet DYES
San ___, Argentina LUIS
Volt/ampere OHM
High-waisted, shamelessly unfashionable garment MOMJEANS
Chief concern PRIORITY
Way overcooked CHARRED
4:00 p.m., maybe TEATIME
Made a declaration SAIDSO
Set adrift UNMOOR
Instrument for Louis Armstrong CORNET
Doctors' orders TESTS
National Aviation Hall of Fame city DAYTON
NASA's ___ Research Center AMES
Comedy HUMOR
Crown insets OPALS
Letters on some lotion SPF
It's a deal SWAP
Unbeatable AONE
Net letters WWW
"Well, look at that!" OHO
Word before "Ooh, didn't mean to make you cry" in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" MAMA
Maxim SAW
Brother with a cross ABBOT
Unfaithful sorts CADS
Roasting place OVEN
Land between hills, poetically VALE
___ Palmer ("Twin Peaks" victim) LAURA
Jacobin revolutionary who was stabbed in a bathtub MARAT
They're pumped to compete in a race ROADBIKES
Fashionable enough for a runway model? STRUTWORTHY
Assault involving a hatchet? TINYAXEATTACK
Broadway's Eugene ___ Theater ONEILL
Throw in ADD
___ relief DEBT
Post-run feeling ACHE
1982 Dustin Hoffman film TOOTSIE
Place for a sponge REEF
Annoying sort NOODGE
Little bit TAD
Coffee brewing style DRIP
Some scans, for short MRIS
Lifesaving team MEDICS
"Stop insisting Ra doesn't exist!"? CURBYOURSUNATHEISM
Pill bottle info DOSAGE
Really comes down POURS
A bit crude EARTHY
Andean gold ORO
Places PUTS
Fast-food sandwich not available in Muslim countries MCRIB
Goes up RISES
Stories from bankruptcy court? TALESOFOWE
Be too broke to take the bus? HAVENOFARE
Country singer Black CLINT
Grammy category OPERA
Beast in rare "sightings" YETI
Poet/musician ___ Scott-Heron GIL
One who can't learn new tricks, they say OLDDOG
___-Lay FRITO
"The king really wants to be around people right now"? MYSIRELOVESCOMPANY
Professor's goal, one day TENURE
Marvel role for Chris Hemsworth THOR
Yazidis, e.g. SECT
Go in (for) SUB
Actor Curry TIM
Go all in COMMIT
What many 100-Across do in the spring SHED
See 98-Across ANIMALS
Certain earring HOOP
Trader ___ JOES
Baseball league for the Salt Lake Bees AAA
"Yeah, let's do it!" IMGAME
Celebration after a coup? UPRISERSPARTY
Negative Nancy? DOWNERWOMAN
Words before a punch line WAITFORIT
Muddies SOILS
2% alternative WHOLE
Moving line on a tree trunk ANTS
Orange-and-white Pixar title character NEMO
Wild revelry ORGY
So, so awful, with "the" WORST
Rapper with the most-viewed YouTube video of all time PSY
P.M. after Churchill EDEN

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