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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 27th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 27th 2017.

February 27th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
"2 Broke Girls" airer CBS
Ski area near Salt Lake City ALTA
"Cool!" NEAT
Pub game DARTS
Artist Georgia who is known for her flower canvases OKEEFFE
Cheryl of "Charlie's Angels" LADD
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Trim the lawn MOW
Sleeper's problem APNEA
Has supper EATS
Unlined sheets without any writing PLAINPAPER
Sailor who's smitten by Olive Oyl POPEYE
Get angry SEERED
Pig noses SNOUTS
Name first encountered in Genesis 2 ADAM
"Understand?," slangily FEELME
Big galoot APE
Tyrannosaurus ___ REX
Classroom missile PAPERPLANE
Followed a weight-loss plan DIETED
Alternative to AOL or Yahoo GMAIL
Island ESE of Oahu MAUI
Pepsi, for one COLA
Just knows SENSES
Month before Nov. OCT
Born: Fr. NEE
Police dept. figure INSP
Van Gogh or Van Dyck PAINTER
Moses parted it REDSEA
Beautifully strange EXOTIC
"Me, too" ASDOI
2016 Disney film set in Polynesia MOANA
10 and 8 for Bart and Lisa Simpson, respectively AGES
Do the breaststroke, e.g. SWIM
Terminals ENDS
Like the score 7-7 TIED
Humorous Bombeck ERMA
Lab eggs OVA
Damascus's land: Abbr. SYR
"No problem for me!" CANDO
Peru's capital LIMA
Omar of Fox's "House" EPPS
Dickens's "___ House" BLEAK
Per item APOP
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Intimidates, in a way STARESDOWN
Crime scene barrier TAPE
Goes to, as a meeting ATTENDS
Not as hard EASIER
Airport up the coast from LAX SFO
Flash mobs, once FAD
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
Jean ___, father of Dadaism ARP
"Oh, darn!" FUDGE
Fired (up) AMPED
Period between wars PEACETIME
Goat's cry MAA
World's fair, for short EXPO
Circus animals that balance beach balls on their noses SEALS
"When You Wish ___ a Star" UPON
Manning who was twice Super Bowl M.V.P. ELI
Watch or clock TIMEPIECE
Showed in syndication, say RERAN
Justice Kagan ELENA
Numbered hwy. RTE
Abbr. before a credit card date EXP
Feeling blue SAD
___ card (cellphone chip) SIM
Exercise in a pool DOLAPS
Cross-reference for further information SEENOTE
Male deer STAG
On a lower floor DOWNSTAIRS
"___ kleine Nachtmusik" EINE
"Ars Amatoria" poet OVID
Ones in suits? ACES
Big name in pet food IAMS
Aid in storm-tracking RADAR

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