Thursday, October 13, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 14th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 14th 2016.

October 14th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
___ Marcos, Tex SAN
'___, boy!' HERE
'... but I could be wrong' ORNOT
'Babalú' bandleader ARNAZ
'Don't you doubt me!' IDIDSO
'Me?' follower YESYOU
'Ur hilarious!' LOL
'You can figure as well as I can' DOTHEMATH
'You cheated!' NOFAIR
1851 Sojourner Truth speech AINTIAWOMAN
App with over 200 free stations AOLRADIO
Approach GONEAR
Bet (on) RELY
Birdbrain IDIOT
Birdbrained DAFT
Bit of evasion ZAG
Blew it GOOFED
Clément Marot poem 'A ___ Damoyselle Malade' UNE
Comedian Maron MARC
Connections INS
Connections to the sternum RIBS
Contends (for) BIDS
Cream song with the lyric 'Dance floor is like the sea, / Ceiling is the sky' IFEELFREE
Dessert so-called for its portions of flour, butter, eggs and sugar POUNDCAKE
Either director of 'Inside Llewyn Davis' COEN
Either half of a 1973 'duel' BANJO
Excluded category in the Paleo diet DAIRY
Fashion mogul Gunn TIM
Floral symbol of patience ASTER
Flushed RED
Info in a Yelp listing: Abbr HRS
Kind of wave SINE
Lacked options HADTO
List heading TODO
Little treasure GEM
Little: Fr PEU
Not assured at all DICEY
Not identifying with one's assigned sex TRANSGENDER
Not realized UNMET
Ones ranking above knaves YEOMEN
Online addresses, in part DOMAINNAMES
Part of MGM's motto GRATIA
Part of MSG MONO
People who are in them are out, in brief ORS
Place to play with toys DOGPARK
Purchase at a golf pro shop SKORT
Purchases at a golf pro shop TEES
Round containers? STEINS
Shavit with the 2013 best seller 'My Promised Land' ARI
Some 'CSI' figs DAS
Something not many people laugh at INJOKE
Something you can control the volume with? EREADER
Still YET
Subj. of many antiglobalization protests IMF
Superlatively MOST
Terse and unadorned, as writing HEMINGWAYESQUE
Things that may be compressed FILES
Things that might be batted at a ball LASHES
Threat of a strike, in labor negotiations BARGAININGCHIP
Treasure ADORE
Tribe whose name means 'long tail' ERIES
Two or three sets, say GIG
Typical 'S.N.L.' start COLDOPEN
Wasabi go-with in sushi meals GARI
Where Spike Lee earned his M.F.A NYU
Where the Taj Mahotsav festival is held AGRA

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