Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 12th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 12th 2016.

October 12th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'It's all good' IMCOOL
'___ durn tootin'!' YER
'___ out walkin' after midnight' (Patsy Cline lyric) IGO
A lot of land, maybe ACRE
A Marx brother ZEPPO
Actress Jessica ALBA
Asparagus spears, e.g STEMS
Big name in precision cutting XACTO
Bit of Bollywood music RAGA
Bottom of bell bottoms HEM
Bout of swellheadedness EGOTRIP
Boxer Ali LAILA
Bucolic locale LEA
Canada's first province alphabetically ALBERTA
Color of the Dodge Charger on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' ORANGE
Condo building employees DOORMEN
Crib PAD
Exciting romantic prospect HOTDATE
Exec. money manager CFO
Flaps one's gums YAPS
Get tats INKUP
Gibson who was the first person of color to win a tennis Grand Slam event ALTHEA
Go completely dotty? STIPPLE
High wind GALE
Hullabaloo HOOHA
Impertinent SASSY
Insects on a 17-year cycle CICADAS
Item in a swag bag PARTYFAVOR
Jellied delicacy EEL
Journalist Wells IDA
Keebler saltine brand ZESTA
Lack of supply DEARTH
Ladies' night attendee GALPAL
Land created by C. S. Lewis NARNIA
Last parts drawn in hangman LEGS
Light-colored brew PALEALE
Like a zoot-suiter HEP
Like Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 INF
Like Venus in 'The Birth of Venus' NUDE
Luau souvenir LEI
Many a college applicant's interviewer, for short ALUM
Marriott competitor OMNI
Mazda roadster MIATA
Model in 10 straight Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, familiarly ANNEV
Nickname for Mom's mom GRAN
Ones defrauding museums FORGERS
Part of Wonder Woman's outfit TIARA
Pay to play ANTE
Place LAY
Possessive often containing a mistaken apostrophe ITS
Possible response to 'Can you pick up the kids from school?' YESDEAR
Prepare, as a musical score ARRANGE
Pretentiously high-class FANCYPANTS
Push oneself to the max DIGDEEP
Satyr's stare LEER
Ship of 1492 NINA
Something cut down during March Madness NET
Sometimes-caramelized food ONION
Southern side dish made with kernels off the cob CORNRELISH
Spoken test ORAL
Spot for un chapeau TETE
Summer setting in Seattle: Abbr PDT
Surgical asst ORNURSE
Thinking similarly LIKEMINDED
Title 'Dr.' in an H. G. Wells story MOREAU
Vitamin brand with an instructive name ONEADAY
Weaponry storehouse ARSENAL
What an Ironman has to battle FATIGUE
Where to see pictures on the big screen? IMAX
Wild throw, e.g ERROR
___ capita PER

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