Friday, October 21, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 22nd 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 22nd 2016.

October 22nd 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Cleopatre' artist ERTE
'Huh ... never mind then' GUESSNOT
'Ri-i-ight' SURESURE
17-Across, to the self-titled 'Bo Diddley' BSIDE
1955 R&B hit for Bo Diddley IMAMAN
1974 National Book Award winner by Thomas Pynchon GRAVITYSRAINBOW
41-Across is a topic in it, briefly BIO
A place antelope lope VELDT
Aid in studying a culture TESTTUBE
Berth place PIER
Bêtes noires BANES
Breeze (along) SAIL
Car payment? TOLL
Court position PLEA
Daughter and half sister of Oedipus ISMENE
Davis of film GEENA
Design info SPECS
Directory listings: Abbr NOS
Dump STY
End of a lap KNEE
Equipment for a rock band DRUMSET
Four-time N.B.A. scoring champion in the 2010s DURANT
Free of shampoo, say RINSEOUT
Front-and-center section VIOLAS
Golfer nicknamed Long John DALY
Interruption of service? NET
It has a Marxist-Leninist ideology LAOS
It operates Hamburger U MICKEYDS
K'ung Fu-___ TSE
Kittenish COY
Language akin to Yupik INUIT
Lift one's spirits? IMBIBE
Like fringe festival fare EDGY
Like many offshore rescues AIRSEA
Maugham's title girl of Lambeth LIZA
Model material BALSA
One of 'the highest form of literature,' per Hitchcock PUN
One who goes on to try to conquer the Universe? MISSUSA
Oscar winner before 'Grand Hotel' CIMARRON
Parades, with 'out' TROTS
Played first OPENED
Prefix with village ECO
Really put one's foot down STOMP
Repute ODOR
Rollback events EBBTIDES
Rugby rival of Harvard MCGILL
Shared computer syst LAN
Shows a preference LEANS
Shut (up) PENT
Start, in a way BOOTUP
Still matter? BOOZE
Subterranean scurrier SEWERRAT
Suspicion IDEA
They may reduce sentences, for short EDS
They're 'made by fools like me,' per Kilmer POEMS
Took care of RAN
Tough nut to crack ENIGMA
Translation material RNA
Unhand or disarm? MAIM
Uses without sharing, in slang BOGARTS
Vessel opener STENT
Visiting only a short time INANDOUT
Was reckless, in a way SPED
Website used by a lot of artisans ETSY
What there often is for improvement ROOM

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