Monday, October 31, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, November 1st 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of November 1st 2016.

November 1st 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Wheel of Fortune' buy ANE
'Your majesty' SIRE
'___ aside ...' ASAN
'___ mañana' HASTA
4.0, e.g GPA
Actress Turner LANA
African virus EBOLA
Alternative to cake PIE
Ancient Central American MAYA
Arbitrary non-explanation, after 'because' ISAYSO
Basis of a refreshing Mideast beverage? YEMENSLEMONS
Begins to wake STIRS
Blond now, say DYED
Broke off ENDED
Burn superficially SEAR
C.E.O.'s deg MBA
Cabinet dept AGR
Cartoon frame CEL
Categorize ASSORT
Chill in the air NIP
Chomped down on BIT
Commercial symbols in Lomé? TOGOSLOGOS
Country completely surrounded by South Africa LESOTHO
Court recorder STENO
Cries of dismay OYS
Cry after 'Psst!' INHERE
Cry from Juliet ROMEOROMEO
David ___, comic with a famous Richard Nixon impression FRYE
Downton Abbey headgear TOPHAT
Emphatically zero NOTONE
Ethan Frome's wife ZEENA
Events in Bonnie and Clyde's biography CRIMESPREES
Far Eastern mimics? CHINASMYNAHS
First U.S. color TV maker RCA
Gavotte, minuet and cancan? FRANCESDANCES
Greek H's ETAS
Have supper EAT
Her face launched a thousand ships HELEN
Indian ___ OCEAN
Lead-in to land for Willy Wonka's workers LOOMPA
Leader of a group of elves SANTA
Metonym for Middle America PEORIA
No longer an octogenarian NINETY
Obama's signature health measure, for short ACA
One of the Seven Dwarfs SNEEZY
Prefix with dexterity AMBI
Pres. Jefferson THOS
Prevailed WONOUT
Providers of low notes for rumbas? CUBASTUBAS
Quibbles NITS
Reptile at the top of the Jurassic food chain ALLOSAURUS
River in Stephen Foster's 'Old Folks at Home' SWANEE
Rolling stones lack it MOSS
Sampled TASTED
Skins' opponent in a pickup game SHIRTS
Sondheim's 'It Takes Two,' e.g DUET
Source of indigo ANIL
Speaking up? PRAYING
Suffix with hazard OUS
Tailor's unit INCH
The 'Y' of TTYL YOU
To be, in Toulouse ETRE
Tolkien terror ORC
Tone deafness TINEAR
Total jerk ASS
What a cyclops has in common with a cyclone EYE
What kindness and graceful aging reveal INNERBEAUTY
When repeated, child's term for supper DIN
Where Theseus slew the Minotaur CRETE
___ weevil BOLL

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