Thursday, October 20, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 21st 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 21st 2016.

October 21st 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
___ scripta (statutes) LEX
___-deux ENTRE
'___ complicated' ITS
'1984' concern TOTALITARIANISM
'Before ___ you go ...' ILET
'Bird on ___' (Mel Gibson/Goldie Hawn comedy) AWIRE
'Little ___' WOMEN
'Mila 18' novelist URIS
Abbr. after many a military name RET
Ad follower? NAUSEAM
Arteries: Abbr RTES
Band from the East OBI
Batman co-creator Bob KANE
Blyth of 'Mildred Pierce' ANN
Clue follower: Abbr DET
Cousin of a zebra ASS
Cross words SPAT
Definitive disclaimer IAMNOT
Didn't mince words LAIDITONTHELINE
Doesn't need a thing ISSET
Fictional title character who declares 'How puzzling all these changes are!' ALICE
French thinker? TETE
Frequent flier PILOT
Gendered Spanish suffix ITA
Go, for one GAME
Gulf War ally OMAN
Hit the ground ALIT
Hopeless ALLUP
It comes with strings attached APRON
It's of no concern to a usurer INTERESTRATECAP
Just slightly AHAIR
Labor day highlight CHILDBIRTH
Large beer mug SEIDEL
Laughfests HOOTS
Memphis- based record label STAX
Model X maker TESLA
More than more MOST
Occasion for dragon dances TET
Ones making the rules? MEASURINGSTICKS
Org. opposed to weaving? MADD
Org. with many banned Super Bowl ads PETA
Passage between Sicily and the toe of Italy STRAITOFMESSINA
Perfume named for Baryshnikov MISHA
Picked up on NOTED
Pre-buffet declaration ICOULDEATAHORSE
Prize for Pizarro ORO
Round openings in domes OCULI
Scottish refusal NAE
Seas overseas MERS
Server's bread and butter TIPS
Sheep-counting times SLEEPLESSNIGHTS
Shirley of 'Goldfinger' EATON
Showed caution, in a way TESTEDTHEWATERS
Something that might interrupt a flight, for short APB
Sounds during a massage AAHS
Sub standard? SONAR
Take home, perhaps? STEAL
Take legal action, say PURSUETHEMATTER
Tin anniversary TENTH
Transparent sheet PANE
Twenty: Prefix ICOSA
Way up STEPS
What's left on a farm? HAW
Whistle blower? STEAM
Word before or after 'what' SAY

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