Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 26th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 26th 2016.

October 26th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
___ fide BONA
___ rule ASA
'Fast Times' school RIDGEMONTHIGH
'For real!' ITSSO
'Kill Bill' co-star UMATHURMAN
'Meet the Press' feature PANEL
'No clue' BEATSME
'Please?' MAYI
'Too rich for me' IMOUT
Acquire by deceit FINAGLE
Arab Spring country LIBYA
Basic spreadsheet function SUM
Big laughs YUKS
Blacken on a grill SEAR
Blacktop material TAR
Bring home NET
Butter maker CHURN
Certain Indonesian SUMATRAN
Certain pool sites, for short YMCAS
Chewed like a chipmunk GNAWED
Countess's man EARL
Enlarges, as a hole REAMS
Exploded WENTOFF
Feet, slangily DOGS
Figure head? TOTEM
Fish-eating raptor ERNE
G.I. fare MRE
Glove material SUEDE
Guava or papaya TROPICALFRUIT
High fig. for a hybrid car MPG
Hot 17-Across, e.g GOO
Indian bread NAN
Inner Hebrides isle IONA
It's a blessing GRACE
J.F.K. landers until 2003 SSTS
Like cobra/mongoose encounters, to cobras FATAL
Like Mayberry RURAL
Like much Gene Wilder humor ZANY
Like winter soccer, most likely INDOOR
Low-altitude clouds STRATI
Makes up (for) ATONES
Month after diciembre ENERO
NATO part: Abbr ATL
Neighbor of the funny bone ULNA
Not dress overmodestly ... or what 18-, 25- and 43-Across each do? SHOWSOMELEG
Onetime for-girls-only course, for short HOMEEC
Overcaffeinated WIRED
Places for hosp. scrubs ORS
Port of Iraq BASRA
Prefix with science or intellectual PSEUDO
Prenatal test, for short AMNIO
Ready to pour ONTAP
Restaurant guide name since 1979 ZAGAT
Rider's handful REIN
Robin Hood, notably THIEF
Roll call vote AYE
Running by itself ONAUTO
Sea ___ (12-Down) EAGLE
Sets of foot bones TARSI
Sexual appetites LIBIDOS
Sgt. Friday catchphrase IMACOP
Shoot for AIMAT
Source of start-up cash, perhaps BANKLENDING
Tatum who won an Oscar at 10 ONEAL
Tedious way to learn ROTE
Texter's 'ciao' TTYL
Verbal zinger MOT
Wine bottle datum YEAR
Zippo NIL

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