Friday, October 7, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 8th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 8th 2016.

October 8th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'À ___ la Liberté' (1931 René Clair film) NOUS
'I agree,' in slang WORD
'Les Misérables' extra GENDARME
'Sob' ALAS
'That thought already occurred to me' IMWAYAHEADOFYOU
'___ a little!' LIVE
Austrian philosopher Rudolf STEINER
Bid on a hand unsuited for suit play, maybe ONENO
Brand of sponge OCELO
Breaking a comb, in Japan, e.g OMEN
Composer of many limericks, for short ANON
Cousin of a skate MANTA
Cusk-___ (deepest living fish, at 27,000+ feet) EEL
David Fincher thriller of 2014 GONEGIRL
Drone's place HIVE
Eighty-sixes SCRAPS
Einstein-___ bridge (wormhole) ROSEN
First Palme d'Or-winning film directed by a woman THEPIANO
First word in many temple names SRI
Fisher for compliments on one's dress? EILEEN
Game's turning point? ROTISSERIE
Had a list TILTED
Infatuated, old-style SMIT
It's all the same CLONE
Italian city where Pliny the Elder and Younger were born COMO
Kind of cabbage SKUNK
Leaders in robes EMIRS
Let fate decide, say TOSSACOIN
Main ingredient of rémoulade MAYO
Managed SEENTO
Marinara sauce ingredients ROMAS
Matrix specifications ROWS
Menu bar heading FILE
Modern flight amenity WIFI
Neuter ALTER
Newspaper name that becomes a beverage if you insert an 'a' after its fifth letter LEMONDE
Old brand in the shaving aisle NEET
One might turn on it RED
One with a long stretch to go? LIMOUSINEDRIVER
Onetime Fandango competitor MOVIEFONE
Period of a revolution? HOUR
Pillory DECRY
Places for runners SLEDS
Plot feature in 'Hansel and Gretel' OVEN
Pricing model for many apps FREEMIUM
Pump option, for short REG
Puzzle designer Rubik ERNO
Rhetorical creation STRAWMAN
Rockets SOARS
San ___ DIEGO
Screens SHOWS
Something odd in roulette? BET
State fair attractions RIDES
Structures with excellent insulation IGLOOS
Subatomic particles with zero spin PIONS
Take to living together, with 'up' SHACK
Telemarketing tactic ROBOCALL
Toni Morrison novel SULA
Try to find oneself? EGOSURF
Type of mobile phone plan PAYASYOUGO
Uphill climb, say SLOG
Young women's grp SOR

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