Friday, October 14, 2016

New York Times Crossword Answers, October 15th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 15th 2016.

October 15th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
___ al Khaymah (one of U.A.E.'s seven emirates) RAS
'___ thou love me?': Juliet DOST
'Friendly staff' or 'For a limited time only' ADSPEAK
'The Brady Bunch' bunch STEPKIDS
'The difference between ordinary and extraordinary,' per Vladimir Horowitz PRACTICE
'Utopia' writer, 1516 MORE
A child can have a blast with it MODELROCKET
Béchamel sauce with Gruyère added MORNAY
Bengali who won the 1913 Literature Nobel TAGORE
Blender settings SPEEDS
Brightly colored marine fish DRAGONET
Brilliance ECLAT
Call from the lobby, perhaps PAGE
Came aboard, in a way HIREDON
Common dorm room decorations POSTERS
Completely block DAMUP
Create a tunnel beneath DIGUNDER
Directive in tennis after odd-numbered games CHANGEENDS
Doctor's patient, e.g EXAMINEE
Easily outscores DRUBS
Follower of a team SLED
Font of knowledge ORACLE
Go head-to-head with? RAM
Goes without a leash RUNSLOOSE
Golf units: Abbr YDS
Hen tracks SCRAWLS
Hero-worship, say ADORE
High-pitched cry YIP
Jazz pianist Allison MOSE
Keep close relations? INBREED
Kind of bean MUNG
Latin trio leader AMO
Lent symbols ASHES
Long-running Joel McHale show on E! THESOUP
Longtime fitness guru Jack LALANNE
Melted munchie SMORE
Next ___ EXIT
No-brainers? MORONS
Not free ATACOST
On a pension: Abbr RETD
One up front? MONO
Part of a physical EYETEST
People ruled by an elective monarchy CAMBODIANS
Potential libel defendant TABLOID
Put off guard LULLED
Raid target ANT
Roughly half of all binary code ONES
Seedy place RATHOLE
Shot glass? AMPULE
Small glass disk used as an ornament in a stained-glass window RONDELLE
Something sweet potatoes provide VITAMINA
Something that might be built around a police station TVDRAMA
Source of anago sushi CONGER
Steve Buscemi's role in 'Reservoir Dogs' MRPINK
Swallowing worry in an old wives' tale WATERMELONSEEDS
Three albums bound together, e.g RECORDSET
Triple-platinum Lady Gaga hit of 2011 YOUANDI
Unclear, as thinking WOOLLY
What calisthenics improve TONE
Words of explanation THATSHOW

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