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New York Times Crossword Answers, October 16th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 16th 2016.

October 16th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
___ donna PRIMA
___ Kringle KRIS
___ Taylor (apparel store) ANN
___-European INDO
'... ___ he drove out of sight' ERE
'Da ___ G Show' ALI
'Eww!' ICK
'God Bless America' composer BERLIN
'Goody!' NEATO
'Hey, whatever pays the bills' ITSAJOB
'Mr.' of 'Star Trek' SULU
'Principia Discordia' figure ERIS
'Stay' singer Lisa LOEB
'The Price Is Right' airer CBS
'Would you like me to?' SHALLI
1/, 2/, 3/, etc MOS
12 9 11 5 20 8 9 19 3 12 21 5 INCODE
49-Down, with each letter shifted one place later in the alphabet (coincidence?) IBM
Absorbs SOPSUP
Amer. money USD
Athlete on Time's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century PELE
Be inclined (to) TEND
Bleak assessment of a situation ITSBAD
Blouse, e.g TOP
Chaps MEN
Color used by teams from both San Jose and Jacksonville? ATEALOFTWOCITIES
Comics exclamation ACK
Count in Lemony Snicket books OLAF
Country whose capital is known to natives as Baile Átha Cliath IRELAND
Country with the smallest national capital in the European Union (about 9,000 people) MALTA
Covert 'Hey!' PSST
Dating site? MATEMARKET
Dependent (on) RIDING
Diamond's Lou GEHRIG
Director's circle? BOARD
Ecological role NICHE
El ___ CID
Eng. or hist SUBJ
Equals PEERS
Fall times: Abbr OCTS
Feudal superior LIEGE
First in command? CEE
Flock BEVY
Follower of John ACTS
For free PROBONO
Full of sound and fury ALLTALK
Get in the loop? LASSO
Give a heads-up WARN
Giving chicken soup or a foot rub, informally TLC
Gone flat? LAIN
Goodyear's carefully guarded secrets? TRICKSOFTHETREAD
Got room service, say ATEIN
Gun supporters MOUNTS
Hamstring BIND
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' LIAM
Ideologies ISMS
Increases GOESUP
Is annoying GRATES
Japanese honorific SAN
Jog the memory of REMIND
Kind of challenge ICEBUCKET
Like 'alumna': Abbr FEM
Like much of Chile ARID
Like the coda of 'Hey Jude,' seemingly ENDLESS
Lose it SNAP
Magna ___ CARTA
Make or break, e.g VERB
Make sense ADDUP
Makeup of many a tribal council ELDERS
Malicious fictional computer HAL
Mens ___ REA
Mine craft? COALCAR
Model for an artist, maybe DIORAMA
Money in 74-Down KRONOR
Mulligans, e.g REDOS
N.Y.C. org. that operates 24/7 MTA
Nary ___ AONE
Neighbor of Den SWE
Neutral tone ECRU
Nov. honorees VETS
Novelist Pierre LOTI
Nutrition amts RDAS
Offspring ISSUE
One starting SHIER
Ones making lots of bucks? BRONCS
Optimistic CHEERY
Orchestra section REEDS
Ornamentation DECOR
Orwellian hoi polloi PROLES
Part of D.A.: Abbr ATTY
Partner in crime CLYDE
Pet food brand ALPO
Place to buy handmade goods online ETSY
Place to rub elbows? ARMREST
Polynesian inn locale, maybe LAGOON
Pose ASK
Privileged time period? THECHOSENEON
Purveyor SELLER
Reaction to a foot rub AHH
Reaction to a puppy video, say AWW
Ready SET
Rehnquist's successor as chief justice ROBERTS
Related in a different way RETOLD
Result of a Morton's factory explosion? GREATSALTLEAK
Retirement community restriction NOKIDS
Revision that satisfies both author and publisher? BALANCEDEDIT
Rhyme for 'door' and 'more' in the first verse of 'The Raven' LORE
Ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a steep slope on the other CUESTA
Scalawag RASCAL
Self-government AUTONOMY
Shampooing, e.g HAIRCARE
Something not picked up at the beach FAKETAN
Something to shoot off EMAIL
Strange and unsettling EERIE
Strict disciplinarian MARTINET
Swamp MIRE
Team V.I.P MVP
Temperature unit KELVIN
Term of address with a tilde SENORA
The 'palm' and 'olive' of Palmolive OILS
Thrice, in prescriptions TER
Title for Palpatine or Amidala in 'Star Wars': Abbr SEN
Torque symbol TAU
Try to win SUEFOR
Turn inside out EVERT
U.F.O. pilots ETS
Unit of force DYNE
Unleavened cornbread PONE
Unnerve SPOOK
URL start HTTP
Was humiliated ATECROW
What a pianist uses for triple-time pieces? MINUETHAND
What Artemis is the goddess of MOON
Words before a chivalrous act ALLOWME
You might wish upon it SANTASLAP

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