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New York Times Crossword Answers, October 10th 2016

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of October 10th 2016.

October 10th 2016 Answers

Clue Answer
'Ditto' SODOI
'Ditto' SAME
'For ___ the Bell Tolls' WHOM
'Goodness gracious!' OHMY
'I'll second that, brother!' AMEN
'The Little Mermaid' mermaid ARIEL
'Um, pardon me' AHEM
'We've waited long enough' ITSTIME
'Who knows the answer?' ANYONE
'___ the heck' WHAT
'___ you kidding me?!' ARE
10:1 at a racetrack, e.g ODDS
Airborne animal with a monstrous name DRAGONFLY
Airborne animal with a monstrous name VAMPIREBAT
Anonymous John DOE
Banded rock AGATE
Bangkok resident THAI
Beret-wearing individualists of the 1950s-'60s BEATNIKS
Borrowed, as artwork between museums ONLOAN
Brain or ear part LOBE
Canyon rebound ECHO
Children's writer R. L. ___ STINE
Cry like a baby BAWL
Cry to a battlefield medic IMHIT
Emperor accused of starting the Great Fire of Rome NERO
Enjoy a book READ
Exclamation when raising one's champagne glass ATOAST
Fearsome dino TREX
For one particular purpose, as a committee ADHOC
German artist Max ERNST
Half: Prefix HEMI
High/low cards ACES
Hollywood's Henry or Jane FONDA
In the beginning stages EARLYON
Insurer with a duck in its commercials AFLAC
Lessen ABATE
Mare's mate STALLION
Muscat is its capital OMAN
Must-haves NEEDS
No longer in the closet, and not by choice OUTED
Not fully closed, as 1-Across AJAR
Not medium or well done RARE
Numbered things in a hotel hallway DOORS
One going down a slippery slope SKIER
One of the Jacksons LATOYA
Ornate architectural style BAROQUE
Pasta sauce 'trusted since 1937' RAGU
Performer inclined to throw tantrums DIVA
Play's start ACTI
Pod fillers PEAS
Printer brand EPSON
Quick punches JABS
Relative of a turnip RUTABAGA
Remove from a no-parking zone, say TOW
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer who starred in 'Moonstruck' CHER
Site with the option 'Shop by category' EBAY
Something to write on with chalk SLATE
Spot for a cat LAP
Subpar performance for a team or musician, say OFFNIGHT
Swedish car whose name is Latin for 'I roll' VOLVO
Tear the wrapping off RIPOPEN
Told untruths LIED
Top choice, informally FAVE
Troubadour's stringed instrument LUTE
U.S. moon-landing program APOLLO
Undersea animal with a monstrous name GIANTSQUID
Undersea animal with a monstrous name DEVILFISH
University of Maine town ORONO
Uses a computer keyboard TYPES
Very limited range ATOB
Veto NIX
Zilch NIL
___-serif font SANS

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