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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 2nd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 2nd 2017.

January 2nd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Get ___ of (grasp) AHOLD
Communion tidbit WAFER
Vegetarianism or bohemianism LIFESTYLECHOICE
Three on a grandfather clock III
Source of faraway X-rays RADIOGALAXY
Pantry containers TINS
Long, long ___ AGO
Web crawler, e.g. BOT
Web-filled room, often ATTIC
Spot for a food fight SCHOOLCAFETERIA
Jackie of "Shanghai Knights" CHAN
Honey Bunches of ___ OATS
"Shameful!" TSK
Really revel ... or a hint to the words formed by the circled letters PARTYDOWN
Take a chair SIT
Indiana/Illinois separator WABASHRIVER
White ___ sheet ASA
Troubles WOES
Kurtz's rank in "Apocalypse Now": Abbr. COL
Mournful cry YOWL
To be, to Tacitus ESSE
Little things that say "To" and "From" TAGS
Orchestra reed OBOE
Scissor cut CLIP
Swiss mount ALP
___ Paese (variety of cheese) BEL
Spinning toy TOP
Like beer that's not in a bottle ONTAP
Things split in fission ATOMS
Make into 41-Across ENACT
Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree DENSE
Part bitten by a vampire NECK
Mayberry boy OPIE
"I understand," facetiously AHSO
Hound's warning GRR
Many online banners ADS
Bit of butter PAT
When a plane is due in, for short ETA
Leatherworker's tool AWL
Wrath IRE
Sauce often used in a Bloody Mary TABASCO
Port-au-Prince resident HAITIAN
"Um-hmm, O.K." IGOTCHA
Call from a football referee OFFSIDE
"Please! Anything but!" NOTTHAT
Onion relative used in soups LEEK
Little troublemakers IMPS
Charged particles IONS
M.R.I. orderers DRS
Versatile bean SOYA
Texas site of a 1993 siege WACO
Itsy-bitsy branch TWIG
Some DVD players RCAS
Caustic agent LYE
Japan's largest company by revenue TOYOTA
Crops used in making cigarettes TOBACCOS
Ready, willing and ___ ABLE
Classic Eric Clapton song about unrequited love LAYLA
Statutes LAWS
Loses one's hair GOESBALD
Hold back, as a yawn STIFLE
Moment, informally SEC
World's fair, e.g. EXPO
Like the water in a baptism HOLY
Get bent out of shape WARP
___ talks (lecture series) TED
Busy time at the drive-thru NOON
Nay voter ANTI
It's made up of DNA GENE
Message that might end "R.I.P." EPITAPH
Invaded in large numbers OVERRAN
17-year insects CICADAS
Standards by which things are measured METRICS
Follows, as a schedule KEEPSTO
Monterrey Mrs. SRA
Consumed ATE

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