Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, January 4th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 4th 2017.

January 4th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Loose change "collector" SOFA
Fillmore's party WHIG
Prefix with cultural AGRI
Decline again RESLIDE
Parceling (out) METING
___ ant ARMY
Word after carrot or muffin TOP
Night light up north AURORA
Intensify DEEPEN
It'll open many doors PASSKEY
Like much of Arizona ARID
Plum used to flavor gin SLOE
Singer Tennille TONI
By ___ (alone) ITSELF
Good name for a plaintiff? SUE
Pentagon V.I.P.s BRASS
Belarussian money RUBLE
Atlas extra INSET
Barack Obama, astrologically LEO
Kidney-related RENAL
Buffalo pro SABRE
Bunkers TRAPS
Shape of the world SPHERE
Friskies rival WHISKAS
All plane attendants in attendance AIRCREW
Congo ape BONOBO
Where fashions debut RUNWAY
Some luxury bags PRADAS
Short amount of time? MIN
Cannon on screen DYAN
Best of the best AONE
Big laughs YUKS
Word in some French restaurant names CHEZ
Franklin's flier KITE
What's got the upper hand? ULNA
Surveyor's map PLAT
Numero after due TRE
Bee ball? SWARM
Somewhat ATAD
Historian's focus PAST
Sarcastic "Amazing!" OHGEE
Hedonistic sort ROUE
Janis's spouse in the comics ARLO
The new dentist wanted to make a good ... FIRSTIMPRESSION
Gymnast's asset AGILITY
Secret group in "The Da Vinci Code" OPUSDEI
Important contacts INS
Kind of cross or yogurt GREEK
The dentist helped the patient afford the visit with a ... BRIDGELOAN
Previously, previously ERST
Mystical character RUNE
Albanian currency LEK
Info on a wine label YEAR
Target of crunches ABS
Heads for the bar? FOAMS
Org. that prohibits traveling NBA
Dispatched, as a dragon SLEW
Young sea lion PUP
Big D.C. lobby AARP
Rogen of "Sausage Party" SETH
The dentist sorted all the bristled instruments into ... BRUSHPILES
"Too rich for my blood" IMOUT
Flub ERR
Super 8 alternative DAYSINN
Burst out laughing CRACKUP
When it was time for the filling, the dentist asked for, well, ... YOUKNOWTHEDRILL
"Diana" singer Paul ANKA
Like Mother Hubbard's cupboard BARE
Insurance giant AETNA
Capone's nemesis NESS
Call in court OYEZ
A workout works one up SWEAT

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