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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 20th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 20th 2017.

January 20th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Queen's longtime record label EMI
Postal sheet PANE
Only remaining home of the Asiatic cheetah IRAN
Sound repeatedly heard at a wedding reception TING
Flags down HAILS
Little green men TOYSOLDIERS
Has way more than enough, for short ODS
See 50-Down URIS
Approximate end of a rush hour TENAM
Like some census data RACIAL
Spot for spirited worshipers AMENCORNER
Cape Ann's area NORTHSHORE
It's capped and often slapped KNEE
Something to enter with a card HOTELROOM
TV character who fronted as a waste management consultant TONYSOPRANO
[Gag!] RETCH
Aid in clearing the air EXHAUSTFAN
Apartment that's a second home PIEDATERRE
No-frills: Abbr. STD
"Junior" or "senior" mil. figure NCO
Like some stalled vehicles TOWED
French seasoning SEL
Ginnie Mae's dept. HUD
One who might drug a boxer VET
___ Mo', three-time Grammy-winning bluesman KEB
Hoffman won Best Actor for playing him CAPOTE
Chief flight attendant PURSER
1967 Cold War suspense novel by 9-Down TOPAZ
Florence's ___ Palace PITTI
Scores of these may plague high schoolers SATS
Less than slim NONE
Chat, across the Pyr�n�es GATO
Setting of Sisyphus' perpetual rock-pushing HILL
Almond or pecan TREE
Additions after closings, in brief PSS
One of three for Sisyphus? ESS
"The Great" or "the Terrible" EPITHET
Have more stripes than OUTRANK
Yankees closer Rivera MARIANO
"Not gonna happen!" DREAMON
Senselessness INANITY
Authentic SINCERE
Like pork pie and clotted cream ENGLISH
Femme with a halo SAINTE
Hustle SCOOT
Eponymous physicist Ernst MACH
Training tally REPS
John with an Oscar ELTON
Bewildered LOST
Turnpike ticket listings EXITS
Best Actress nominee for "Philomena," 2013 DENCH
Sorority character RHO
Better adversary to deal with, in a saying THEDEVILYOUKNOW
Unlikely husband material CAD
Looks like a 41-Across LEERS
Name on an excavator DEERE
Old blacklisting org. HUAC
Brownies with cookies, maybe TROOP
Fostered BRED
Turnovers, e.g. STAT
Absorb SOPUP
Activate, as a wah-wah pedal STEPON
Husband material MRRIGHT
Genre for Ladysmith Black Mambazo AFROPOP
1984 biography subtitled "The Man, the Dancer" ASTAIRE
Royal Stewart and Clan Donald TARTANS
Needs blessing, maybe SNEEZES
They play just north of the Ravens ORIOLES

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