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New York Times Crossword Answers, February 1st 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of February 1st 2017.

February 1st 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Buffoon ASS
Kind of I.R.A. ROTH
Rooney ___, 2016 Oscar nominee for "Carol" MARA
Mosque of ___ (Jerusalem shrine) OMAR
Clever comeback RIPOSTE
James who voiced Ultron in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" SPADER
Prayer wheel turner LAMA
Places where spirits flow freely OPENBARS
Headwear for some rockers BANDANAS
Automated floor cleaner ROOMBA
Brightest star in the Eagle constellation ALTAIR
Vehicle in a drag race HOTROD
Dallas sch. SMU
Passionate, outgoing sort, astrologically LEO
Beer blast purchases KEGS
Basic lunch sandwich, informally PBJ
Brazilian-themed Vegas hotel RIO
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___ ABE
Page in a Hollywood film ELLEN
Cake coating ICING
"Ri-i-i-ight ..." UHHUH
Certain high heel STILETTO
Hit a home run, in baseball lingo WENTYARD
Number of emails sent by Warren Buffett in his entire life ONE
Dickens's "___ Mutual Friend" OUR
And another thing, on a letter PPS
Police dispatcher's "A" ADAM
Noted gatekeeper STPETER
Mug shot subjects FELONS
"Western" or "Spanish" dish OMELET
"Not for self but for country" sloganeer USNAVY
What doctors recommend that sick people get a lot of FLUIDS
It's mostly nitrogen AIR
Clairol product DYE
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Janis's partner in the comics ARLO
Billiards cushion RAIL
Carry-on concern SIZE
Not really enforcing the rules LAX
Exoskeleton, e.g. ARMOR
One who's slow to pick things up? SLOB
When repeated, zealous RAH
"Likewise" SOAMI
Leader of the Smurfs PAPA
Jam session highlight SOLO
Gym bag attachment STRAP
"You can say that again!" AMEN
Seneca Falls orator Lucretia MOTT
Friends who go to White Castle in a 2004 film HAROLDANDKUMAR
"Didn't I tell you?" SEE
Main squeeze, in modern lingo BAE
Class teaching about DNA BIO
Romans who protected the emperor PRAETORIANGUARD
See 33-Across BIBLE
Go to bed, informally CRASH
Follower of Hosea in the 31-Across JOEL
Cheese choice SWISS
Its diameter is roughly twice that of a basketball HOOP
No longer on one's plate, say EATEN
Bedtime for a vampire SUNUP
Countrymen who met in Philadelphia in 1787 FOUNDINGFATHERS
Ambulance letters EMS
___-rock ALT
Freshness LIP
Shakespearean entreaty appropriate for 19-, 25- and 43-Across? LENDMEYOUREARS
Nivea rival OLAY
Jacques who played Monsieur Hulot TATI
Scout's route TRAIL
Campbell of "House of Cards" NEVE
Walked heavily TROD
Lady of "My Fair Lady" ELIZA
Where hogs go hog-wild? STY
Sapphic works ODES
Luxury brand with a crown logo ROLEX

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