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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 17th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 17th 2017.

January 17th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Influence AFFECT
With 51-Down, late, beloved actress CARRIE
Certain marketing gimmicks TIEINS
Hell-bent (on) INTENT
"___ a trap!" ITS
"Harrumph!" BAH
Brand of artificial fat OLEAN
Deal with a broken teleprompter, say ADLIB
Rae Sremmurd, e.g. RAPDUO
Makeup of the planet Hoth ICE
Nosedive DROP
Squeak stopper LUBE
Turnoff for drivers EXIT
"Doctor Faustus" novelist Thomas MANN
Mont Blanc, e.g., to locals ALPE
Cripple MAIM
Merit badge displayer SASH
Figure on an Aussie Xing sign, perhaps ROO
World Series official UMP
Formerly named NEE
"___ late!" TOO
Tennis champ Agassi ANDRE
Deviate during flight, as a rocket YAW
Non's opposite OUI
Coffee container URN
Speak with a gravelly voice RASP
Amy Adams's "Man of Steel" role LOIS
Puppy sounds YIPS
British derri�re ARSE
So far, informally TILNOW
Chant after a f�tbol goal OLEOLE
In fine ___ (healthy) FETTLE
See 2-Down FISHER
Agree to a proposal SAYYES
Country singer Judd NAOMI
Modern lead-in to space or security CYBER
Real head-turners? OWLS
Not deceived by ONTO
Beer barrel KEG
Having four sharps INE
Reference in "Treasure Island" MAP
When Polonius says "Brevity is the soul of wit" ACTII
Tusked beast BOAR
Kind of threat IDLE
Alan who played Captain Pierce ALDA
Essential point CRUX
Agonizes (over) FRETS
With 61- and 37-Across, famous line by 53-Across in [see circled letters] HELPMEOBI
Nubian heroine of opera AIDA
Family member who was probably adopted PET
Hairstyle for 53-Across, colloquially CINNAMONBUNS
Place where trials are conducted TESTLAB
Hitting blackjack after blackjack, say ONARUN
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
A few SOME
Ambience AURA
"Same here!" SODOI
Is victorious in WINSAT
Swindles RIPOFFS
Iconic role for 2-/51-Down PRINCESSLEIA
"What have we here?!" OHO
Knock 'em dead SLAY
Online crafts seller ETSY
See 18-Across WANKENOBI
Like old, neglected sweaters, maybe MOTHY
Renaissance Faire instrument LUTE
Sign of things to come OMEN
Tree-lined walkway, in France ALLEE
Make slo-o-o-ow progress SLOG
Concealed mike WIRE
Entitled sorts? PEERS

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