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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 25th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 25th 2017.

January 25th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Breaks off ENDS
Competitor of Ivory and Coast DIAL
Bit of birdbath gunk ALGA
Flavoring in Kool cigarettes MENTHOL
One of the Bushes JEB
Out of whack AMISS
Montana city that consolidated with Silver Bow County BUTTE
Books with large pages FOLIOS
Most-downloaded app of 2016 SNAPCHAT
Possessive pronoun in the Lord's Prayer THY
Some portable room warmers OILHEATERS
Like dull-as-dishwater writing PROSY
Stitched together SEWN
MTV's "___ Flux" AEON
Diamonds, in plane geometry RHOMBI
Devil-may-care RASH
Baseball's Griffey KEN
"Cheerio" sayer CHAP
Words from the witness stand OATH
"According to the grapevine ..." RUMORHASIT
Making, as a wicker chair CANING
Kind of dye with vivid colors AZO
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Gear parts COGS
Tree that sheds its bark SYCAMORE
___ fixation (Freud topic) ORAL
Pen tip NIB
Long-winded sorts GASBAGS
Hume of "Cocoon" CRONYN
Auto pioneer Karl BENZ
Giraffe's cousin OKAPI
How prime rib may be served AUJUS
Uriah Heep's profession CLERK
Much-maligned food SPAM
Hair holder CLIP
Spelling or Amos TORI
Chevy plug-in car VOLT
Took a load off SAT
Manning of the gridiron ELI
Sweet-curd cheese EDAM
Start of a one-two punch JAB
S.L.R. settings FSTOPS
River that turned to blood in Exodus NILE
Bird with a potent kick EMU
Available for rental, in Britain ONHIRE
"@#$!" from Deputy Dawg DAGNABIT
Hid from the cops, say LAYLOW
Blue-gray shade SLATE
"Blondie" or "Dilbert" STRIP
QVC competitor HSN
"@#$!" from Colonel Sherman Potter HORSEHOCKEY
Cinco de Mayo beer CORONA
Milo of "The Verdict" OSHEA
Burglar's take HAUL
Robocall from the I.R.S., e.g. SCAM
Like Marx Brothers comedies ANTIC
Place for quick cash, for short ATM
"@#$!" from Mork SHAZBOT
Prefix with freak or friendly ECO
Dark film genre, informally NOIR
Golfer Norman a.k.a. the Great White Shark GREG
Christina who played Lizzie Borden RICCI
Takes down a notch ABASES
"@#$!" from SpongeBob SquarePants OHBARNACLES
Reggae forerunner SKA
Business bigwig MOGUL
"The Voice" airer NBCTV
Hand down, as a family business PASSON
"@#$!" from Frank on "Everybody Loves Raymond" JEEZALOO
Abode that's abuzz APIARY
WWW bookmark URL
Former Little League star Mo'ne Davis, e.g. GIRL
Snowsuit attachment MITTEN
Schuss, say SKI
Polish's partner SPIT

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