Friday, January 27, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, January 28th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 28th 2017.

January 28th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Something a bomber delivers? BADJOKE
C-c-c-cold SUBZERO
Sarcastic response to a 1-Down HARHAR
"Steel-driving man" of African-American lore JOHNHENRY
Took off on APED
Sources of prints, for short NEGS
"Another Day on Earth" musical artist ENO
Setting for Yankees home games: Abbr. EDT
Dish eaten with a spoon YOGURT
Lost Colony's island ROANOKE
Royal wraps ERMINES
Like some pigs SEXIST
Victim of Paris ACHILLES
Activity in a drive PLEDGING
"Don't get all worked up!" EASY
Nail the test ACEIT
Not dead yet HANGINGON
What tipplers may have AFEW
Impetuous person HOTSPUR
Scuba gear component AIRPIPE
"Blaze of Glory" band, 1990 BONJOVI
Eight-line verse form TRIOLET
Luxury home features WETBARS
Like finished wood SANDED
Matisse, Derain and fellow artists, with "les" FAUVES
A biker may have a nasty one SPILL
Recipient of a royal charter, with "the" BEEB
Commercial lead-in to Bank, in many Midwest states AGRI
Miss the mark ERR
Chi-___ (religious symbol) RHO
"The Haywain Triptych" painter BOSCH
Classic novel written under the nom de plume Currer Bell JANEEYRE
Its logo consists of a pair of calipers in an oval ACURA
Present some opportunities OPENDOORS
Officially prohibit DEBAR
1998 Spike Lee movie HEGOTGAME
Gesture of razzle-dazzlement JAZZHANDS
System developed by Bell Labs UNIX
Strict limitation, of a sort ONEEACH
Italian brewery since 1846 PERONI
Wine aperitif KIR
Sister and wife of Cronus RHEA
Dish often served with applesauce LATKES
Friendly introduction? ECO
4.5 billion years, for the age of the earth: Abbr. EST
"So soon?" ALREADY
"Gotcha" AHA
Opposite of slow FLYING
Texter's "Oh, yeah ..." BTW
"Gotcha" SOISEE
A cry of relief TGIF
It's searched for in a rush ORE
Some dispenser items STRAWS
Agitated INASNIT
"Outside the Lines" airer ESPN
Heck of an effort BANGUPJOB
Web deposit? SPIDEREGG
It may be used by a person who is bowing VIOLA
One with many enemies SUPERHERO
Young migratory fish ELVER
Harbinger of spring REDROBIN
Narrow apertures SLITS

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