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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 8th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 8th 2017.

January 8th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Original airer of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" BBCRADIO
Pop competition COLAWARS
Something smoked by comic Chris? CROCKPOT
Hang on to SAVE
Org. against doping IOC
Spindly-limbed SPIDERY
Shakespeare villain IAGO
Photo of Canada's former prime minister Stephen? SHARPERIMAGE
"Stay ___" PUT
Aardvarks, by another name ANTBEARS
Enter surreptitiously CREEPIN
Press lightly, as the brakes EASEON
He was buried in 1915 and died in 1926 HARRYHOUDINI
Dressage gait TROT
Invoice figs. SSNS
___ lily SEGO
Fulminating ONARANT
Dwarf planet more massive than Pluto ERIS
Atypical RARE
Summer hrs. in Phila. EDT
Literary device used to address plot inconsistencies RETCON
Nephrologists study them KIDNEYS
Spies, informally SPOOKS
M.L.K.'s title: Abbr. REV
"Today" personality ALROKER
Shark's home SANJOSE
Close by NEARTO
Egg producer HEN
Arctic fliers AUKS
Blow it ERR
Like a handyman's projects, for short DIY
"Anything! Anything at all!" NAMEIT
Shade of pink SALMON
Sword fight, e.g. DUEL
Filament sites, in botany STAMENS
Imprisoned CAGEDUP
Underhanded use of someone else's domain name URLHIJACKING
Troubles WOES
Cherry for talk show host Chelsea? CHANDLERBING
Glimpsed ESPIED
Forswear PERJURE
Genius WHIZ
Arm muscle, informally TRICEP
___ drop MIC
Miney follower MOE
"Idomeneo" composer MOZART
"All My ___ Live in Texas" EXS
U.N.C. student TARHEEL
Figure at the center of a maze MINOTAUR
Tahoe, for one SUV
Entourage of a 1990s white rapper? VICEUNIT
Musical intermission ENTRACTE
Continuous SEAMLESS
Flamboyantly successful sort HOTSHOT
Trampolinist's wear LEOTARD
Start to -scope STETHO
Cincinnati squad REDS
Dude, in British lingo BRUV
Smallish batteries AAS
Long spear PIKE
Makes "it" TAGS
"Dark Sky Island" singer ENYA
Drink sometimes served hot SAKE
"Snowden" org. NSA
___, cuatro, seis, ocho ... DOS
Loops in, in a way BCCS
Goddess with a throne headdress ISIS
Tempo PACE
Figs. on drivers' licenses HTS
When repeated, a Pacific tourist destination BORA
Fish whose name is a celebrity's name minus an R OPAH
Old bandleader with an Egyptian-inspired name SUNRA
Outrigger projections OARS
Things smoked by singer Courtney? CLOVECIGARETTES
Scandalmaker in 2002 news ENRON
Speed demon RACER
Headwear the N.B.A. banned in 2005 DORAG
Game involving sharp projectiles and alcohol BEERDARTS
Parrot's cry AWK
1950s prez IKE
"Charlie Hustle is my name / I am banned from Hall of Fame," e.g.? PROSEPOETRY
Fist bump DAP
"Yes, ___!" SIRREE
Put a coat on PAINT
"Eureka!" moments AHAS
Press IRON
Cloth colorist DYER
Feature of Africa HORN
___ oil CANOLA
Televangelist Joel OSTEEN
Alternative to "News" and "Maps" in a Google search VIDEOS
Road restriction NOUTURN
Pugnacious Olympian ARES
Relative of a ferret MINK
Cold and wet DANK
F.B.I.'s div. DOJ
Hoopster Steph not playing at home? SCURRYAWAY
Riffraff SCUM
Japanese watchmaker SEIKO
Like Granny Smith apples TART
Endless chore SLOG
Dickens's Uriah HEEP
Sega Genesis competitor, in brief SNES
Radiant AGLOW
Intersect MEET
The sport of boxing in the 1960s and '70s, essentially? MALIEMPIRE
"Nothing to write home about" MEH
Groups with co-pays, briefly HMOS
Jockey strap REIN
"Star Trek: T.N.G." role TROI
Installment EDITION
Personalized gifts for music lovers MIXCDS
Valet in P. G. Wodehouse stories JEEVES
Contemporary hybrid music genre NUJAZZ
Sots' sounds HICS
Nickname for Louise LULU
Feast DINE
Sail support SPAR
In unison ASONE
Echo effect REVERB
El operator in the Windy City, briefly CTA
Hat for pop singer Corey? CHARTTOPPER
Anthem contraction OER
"Uhh ..." ERM
Show what you know, say TAKEATEST
"In all probability" IDBET
Regular USUAL
Obstinate one, astrologically ARIES
Two-time Best Actor winner arriving early? THANKSINADVANCE
Four-star rank: Abbr. GENL
Monopoly purchase HOUSE
Singer/songwriter Laura NYRO
Little foxes KITS
Slump SAG
___ cosa (something else: Sp.) OTRA
Wanders (about) GADS
They begin in juin ETES

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