Friday, January 6, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, January 7th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 7th 2017.

January 7th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
One pressing the flesh MASSEUR
Subspecies of a distinct geographical variety ECOTYPE
Features of many doctor's office waiting rooms AQUARIA
Veil material TULLE
Widespread RIFE
Latin American soccer powerhouse: Abbr. URU
It's what you think BELIEF
[Take THAT!] POW
Within AMID
Banquets DINES
Not merely good ANGELIC
Aristocracy PEERAGE
Pre-euro money PESETAS
What a wormhole is a tunnel in SPACETIME
Court blowout LOVESET
Took it easy REPOSED
Pricey strings STRAD
iPhone rival DROID
Brief topic LAW
D.M.V. demands IDS
Thoughts of wishful thinkers WHATIFS
Imbibed modestly HADANIP
Ingredient in Pringles Light OLESTRA
Unit in superfast data transfer TERABIT
Old Scratch, with "the" EVILONE
Wearable status symbols ROLEXES
Stealth fighters NINJAS
Provide direction STEER
Express starting in 2000 ACELA
Model who wrote the 1996 book "True Beauty" EMME
Fall rapidly, as sales SKID
Grocery brand that's also a girl's name PAM
"Les Mille et ___ Nuits" UNE
Barbecue chef's coat MEATRUB
Angry Birds starting in 2010, e.g. IPADAPP
Something on a ticket NOMINEE
Deeply felt SOULFUL
Small stabs TWINGES
Overused STALE
"Kinda" ISH
Company with a buck in its logo DEERE
Literary character self-described as "poor, obscure, plain and little" EYRE
Ostracized sort LEPER
Plane wing part SLAT
Inits. after a big media merger of 1958 UPI
All-weather convertible? SOFABED
Alternative to Food Lion or Piggly Wiggly IGA
1990s "caught on tape" series REALTV
"No hard feelings?" AREWEGOOD
Query about a phone call WHOWASIT
Many a maid of honor SISTER
Roach of old comedy HAL
In the dictionary, say DEFINED
Mitsubishi sports car, for short EVO
Some thirst quenchers ADES
Shrinking TIMID
Seed coat ARIL
Something water lacks TASTE
Tranquil and minimalistic ZEN
It might reveal what you've lost SCALE
Up to speed, musically INTEMPO
Something to pick a number from JUKEBOX
One taking heat at work? FIREMAN
Synthetic dye compound ANILINE
"Talk to the hand" SPAREME
Gives a number? SEDATES

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