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New York Times Crossword Answers, January 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 26th 2017.

January 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Plato's "tenth Muse" SAPPHO
Supervillain in a 2015 "Avengers" sequel ULTRON
Rosemary, for one CLEY
That guy HIM
Ancient symbols of sovereignty ASPS
Station STOP
Common spot for a sunburn NAPE
Constant ETAL
Subject of an 1820 compromise MISSOURI
"___ alive!" ITS
Word of support AYE
Exceeds 21, in a way BUSTS
Dandy FINE
Aeschylus tragedy AGAMEMNON
Sports star with a signed jersey in the Vatican PELE
Foxy SLY
Not tip STIFF
Club alternative BLT
"___ & Duke at the C�te D'Azur" (1966 jazz album) ELLA
1 chain x 1 furlong ACRE
Obfuscate MUDDY
Rock follower? ETTE
Fortune 500 company founded in 1995 EBAY
Name of a family with a combined 7,228 hits ALOU
One may be exploited LOOPHOLE
Suffix with real IZE
"The ___ of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice": M.L.K. ARC
All that is left? RELICS
Feature of many a minion in "Despicable Me" ONEEYE
Actor Culkin of "Igby Goes Down" KIERAN
Give up CEDE
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Shabby LOWT
Cool people INCD
Ice cream purchase CONE
Ice cream ___ SHOP
Scoreboard figure: Abbr. PTS
Start to hesitate? HEM
Afternoon hour in Italy TRE
Weakness ANEMIA
One traveling in a basket BALLIST
Place where people are rushing FRATITY
Deadlock IMPASSE
Lively SPRY
White House pets for Reagan and both Bushes SPANIELS
Le Duc ___, decliner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize THO
"Huh! No kidding!" GEE
Black ___ OPS
End of some business names SONS
Actress Benaderet BEA
Prophet who anointed Saul SAMUEL
"Spit it out!" TELLME
___ fries CURLY
Secret's source ... that can be found four times in this puzzle ALITTLEBIRDIE
Bowled over AMAZED
One whose business has a lot of overhead? ROOFER
Dec. 31 NYE
It keeps a team together YOKE
Ice cream purchase CUP
"The Name of the Rose" author ECO
Reject NIX
Percolate SEEP
Voting requirement in some states PHOTOID
"Let's go someplace private" NOTHERE
Best Picture subject nine inches shorter than the actor who portrayed him TELAWCE
Whisky first produced for King George VI's 1939 visit to Canada CNROYAL
Refines, in a way SMELTS
Intensify DEEPEN

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