Thursday, January 26, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, January 27th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of January 27th 2017.

January 27th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Bradley with many medals OMAR
One getting framed PANE
Brand with the flavor French Silk EDYS
It gets tons of traffic NET
Where many Loyalists resettled after the American Revolution BAHAMAS
Real name of Ben, in a sci-fi classic OBIWAN
Actress Saoirse with two Oscar nominations RONAN
Stray calf: Var. DOGY
Decline EBB
Camps in the wild ROUGHSIT
"Told ya!" SOTHERE
Not bedridden AMBULATORY
Blew a gasket BOILEDOVER
Caves and coral reefs, for example ECOSYSTEMS
Cry when un gol is scored OLE
Exceedingly OHSO
The 4-Down has millions of them SITES
Is way too introspective NAVELGAZES
Take the edge off AMELIORATE
Someone gets belted at the end of it TITLEFIGHT
Actress Mullally with two Emmys MEGAN
Red stuffing? PIMIENTO
Sights at a martial arts center MATS
What a bad cold may do PERSIST
Places to fix flaps HANGARS
Too-sweet sentiment GOO
Prepared, as some scallops or tuna SEARED
Strength FORTE
For the goose, not the gander? HERS
Alto clef instrument VIOL
Mie ___, actress who played the Bond girl Kissy Suzuki HAMA
Turned tail FLED
Figures in some univ. classes TAS
Dance bit? CHA
Feature of the European Union OPENBORDERS
Half a ten-spot ABE
Loafer alternative, for short MOC
"Definitely not THAT!" ANYTHINGBUT
Part of a press kit BIO
Flat, e.g.: Abbr. RES
See 34-Across AWAY
Grave robbers GHOULS
Land in which political parties are banned OMAN
She created a monster SHELLEY
First name in hot dogs NATHAN
Goes from stem to stern, maybe? MISREADS
Fix, as some neckwear RETIE
Bambino TOT
Sound of the Northwest PUGET
With 20-Across, relocate MOVE
Many a large desk or sofa ELL
Ingredients in the national drink of Puerto Rico, to Puerto Ricans PINAS
An elephant seal will fight for one HAREM
Part-human gods SATYRS
"Be my guest!" GOFORIT
Moors FENS
Melodious ARIOSE
Romance novelist Tami HOAG
TV band VHF
Part of some punt returns ZAG
Like marriage supported by Loving v. Virginia INTERRACIAL
End of the King James Bible? ETH
Fixer-upper, often STARTERHOME
Unlikely to change SET
Course that offers mixed results? TOSSEDSALAD

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