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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 11th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 11th 2017.

June 11th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'I cannot tell ___' ALIE
'Little Women' author ALCOTT
'Me So ___' (1989 rap chart-topper) HORNY
'Nuh-uh!' IDONOT
'Othello' traitor IAGO
'Really!' TRUE
'See ya!' BYENOW
'So long,' for short TTYL
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?' SIE
'Well, look what I did!' TADA
'___ Rebel' (1962 #1 hit) HESA
112-Across and 96-Down CARDSUITS
116-Across and 96-Down HANDTOOLS
13 1/2' gold-plated figure OSCAR
31-Across and 15-Down WEATHERWORDS
7- and 112-Across BASEBALLTERMS
7- and 31-Across FAMOUSPOETS
90° bend ELL
93- and 116-Across MEANSOFTRAVEL
93-Across and 15-Down BRIDALTHINGS
A mere stone's throw from NEAR
A professional may need one to practice: Abbr LIC
Ambition for an actor LEADROLE
Animal with luxurious fur SABLE
AOL alternative MSN
Before, to a bard ERE
Big bunch SLEW
Blight victim ELM
Bugs about the trash FLIES
Car for which you 'Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her whine,' in a 1964 hit GTO
Caribbean land whose capital is St. George's GRENADA
Celebration FEST
Coiled killer BOA
Competitor of Petro-Canada ESSO
Conscience-stricken ABASHED
Damage MAR
Dead Sea Scrolls sect ESSENES
Den denizen LION
Desert crossed by the Silk Road GOBI
Diddley and Derek BOS
Dimes, essentially TENTHS
Donkey's call HEEHAW
Dress adornment SPANGLE
Ear: Prefix AURI
Example of 108- and 47-Across PLANE
Example of 22- and of 65-Across HOMER
Example of 34-Down and 108-Across TRAIN
Example of 39- and 34-Down SHOWER
Example of 47- and of 83-Across SPADE
Example of 65-Across and 39-Down FROST
Example of 83- and 22-Across DIAMOND
Excited cry in a casino IWON
Farewells in Florence CIAOS
Fatty acid compound OLEATE
Film again RESHOOT
Film critic Christopher ORR
First lady before Bess ELEANOR
Flashing lights STROBES
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Fussed over, as a grandchild DOTEDON
Give ___ all ONES
Guide to studying the night sky STARMAP
Gulf state OMAN
Hall of fame ARSENIO
Heights of achievement GLORIES
Highest score in baccarat NINE
Holt of NBC News LESTER
In view SEEN
Intentions AIMS
Intimates GETSAT
Is disposed TENDS
Is on the brink VERGES
It may be grand FINALE
It'll knock you out ETHER
Jay who preceded Jimmy LENO
Juice drink ADE
Land in the Seine ILE
Lang. heard in Haifa HEB
Lathers (up) SUDSES
Len of stage and screen CARIOU
Levin who wrote 'A Kiss Before Dying' IRA
Lightly bite NIPAT
Like Odin or Thor NORSE
Like some diplomats CAREER
Lowest points NADIRS
Milky gems OPALS
Money in the bank, e.g ASSET
Naval engineer SEABEE
Need for a professional designer TASTE
Nikon product, for short SLR
Not esos or estos OTROS
Obama health law, for short ACA
Old, clumsy ship TUB
One of a pair of best friends in Greek legend DAMON
Opposites of alphas OMEGAS
Org. for ex-G.I.s VFW
Org. with a '3-1-1' rule TSA
Part in an animated film VOICE
Part of a machine assembly DRIVEROD
Passed quickly FLEETED
Privy to INON
Puts forward POSITS
Razor brand ATRA
Richard Strauss opera SALOME
Ricochet CAROM
Scrub, as a mission ABORT
Silver, for example, in the opening to TV's 'The Lone Ranger' REARER
Sired, biblically BEGOT
Skeptical response EYEROLL
Some scratchy attire WOOLENS
Squealer FINK
Straight LINEAR
Subsides slowly EBBS
Take temporarily BORROW
They may be high in a fallout zone RADS
They're often pulled at night BLINDS
This and that BOTH
Titter TEHEE
Torah receptacles ARKS
Twenty-one words HITME
Upscale London retailer HARRODS
Wash'n ___ (towelette brand) DRI
What 'Mc-' means in a name SONOF
What scouts gather INTEL
What trees do in fierce storms SWAY
When repeated, a Polynesian getaway BORA
Witherspoon of 'Legally Blonde' REESE
Word of wonder GOSH
Work unit DAY
Writer/critic James and family AGEES
Zip along GOFAST
___ Barksdale, drug dealer on 'The Wire' AVON
___ Moines DES
___ Palmas, Spain LAS
___ the Explorer DORA

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