Thursday, June 15, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, June 16th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 16th 2017.

June 16th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Always one of a kind' sloganeer DRPEPPER
'Hel-l-lp!' SAVEME
'Sign me up!' YESICAN
'That makes two of us' SODOI
'Told ya!' SOTHERE
'___ changed' IVE
2002 Grammy nominee John TESH
21st in a series of 24 PHI
Abbr. before a colon and a name ATTN
Add subtly SLIPIN
Alternatives to olives TWISTS
Big Apple airport code LGA
Big name in 1990s hip-hop TUPAC
Big name in disposable tableware CHINET
Blue SAD
Bulgarian, e.g SLAV
Classified key to success SECRETSAUCE
Co-Nobelist with Yitzhak and Shimon YASIR
Crocheter's collection YARNS
Discovery magazine subj SCI
Dish often garnished with white radish SASHIMI
Drill setting BOOTCAMP
Evidence of a hard landing THUD
Flamethrower option NAPALM
French philosopher who wrote 'Reflections on Violence' SOREL
Green on the silver screen EVA
Greet with disdain BOOAT
Impetus for a colonial 'party' TEATAX
Instagram and such SOCIALMEDIA
It has four tusks WARTHOG
Just sits IDLES
Like some sent documents FAXED
Like white panthers RARE
Major beef source ANGUS
Major uncertainty BIGIF
Makeup problems SMEARS
Michael who directed the 2015 film 'Blackhat' MANN
More affected ARTIER
Moving between male and female GENDERFLUID
Neighbor de Ibiza MALLORCA
Not bogus LEGIT
Old baseball mascot with a 'C' on his cap MRRED
One of a White House couple until 2017 SASHA
Onetime host with 11 Daytime Emmys DONAHUE
Part of many arena names: Abbr CTR
Party server URN
Past the point of caring OVERIT
Popular nail polish brand OPI
Potent pot component, for short THC
Radiator protector GRILLE
Rene of 'Nightcrawler' RUSSO
Salivation stimuli AROMAS
School once headed by Mies van der Rohe BAUHAUS
Shows disregard for privacy INTRUDES
Situation with no up side TIE
Sore helper SALVE
Spanish spread RANCHO
Spooky grp.? CIA
Swift writings TRACTS
Toaster components HEATSENSORS
Unidentified gossip source, often THEY
Vulgarian BOOR
Went for a run BATTED
Who's there FIRST
Wolverine's cousin ERMINE

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