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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 22nd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 22nd 2017.

June 22nd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Like couples at movies, typically ONDATES
Water-repellent headgear RAINHAT
Yet to come INSTORE
Wounds at Pamplona, say GORES
Pitchfork-wielding assemblage MOB
Brangelina, once ITEM
Covered with sludge MUCKY
Presidential nickname ABE
Presidential nickname DICK
In a single attempt ATONEGO
Event that once had a four-minute "barrier" MILERUN
Lengthwise ENDWAYS
Costa ___ RICA
Test grader's need ANSWERKEY
OK summer hrs. CDT
It may be stored on the cloud DATA
Under the weather ILL
Pole workers' creations TOYS
Degrees for C.F.O.s MBAS
Eldest of the Brady boys GREG
Sounds of hesitation UHS
Adjective for the Beatles FAB
Binds legally or morally OBLIGES
How legal aid lawyers work PROBONO
Competitor of Duracell and Eveready RAYOVAC
More bushed WEARIER
Pertaining to aircraft technology AVIONIC
Starr with a 1998 report KENNETH
Pint-size SMALL
Frans who painted "The Laughing Cavalier" HALS
Settlement-building board game, informally CATAN
Sesame-seed-and-honey confection HALVA
___ Valley (Reagan Library locale) SIMI
Leveling wedge SHIM
Stephen of "Citizen X" REA
"How about that!" OHO
Insect made of paper ORIGAMI
Puccini opera MADAME
Microscopic machine NANOBOT
Add salt to the wound RUBITIN
Prepare for a physical DISROBE
Phrase in beer ads ICECOLD
Got in on the deal ANTED
Vehicle company with a bulldog logo MACK
Had down pat KNEW
"___ were the days" THOSE
Lead-in to sayer NAY
Modern-___ ERA
Site of a van Gogh bandage EAR
Wares on a band's merch table CDS
PC problem solver ITGUY
Component not found on a digital watch STEM
Hip-hop pal DAWG
Whack jobs LOONS
Word that must be added to 1-, 8-, 65- and 66-Across for their clues to make sense [with a visual hint in the grid] BUTTERFLY
The "O" of the magazine O OPRAH
Calculus calculation AREA
Letters on love letters SWAK
Much of a marching band BRASS
Spy org. in Bond movies KGB
Night before a big day EVE
Myrna of "The Thin Man" LOY
Seashell seller of a tongue twister SHE
Applebee's or Subway CHAIN
Some native Nigerians IBOS
Willie who's #5 in career home runs MAYS
Hank who's #2 in career home runs AARON
Get millions of hits, say GOVIRAL
Crisis center phone service HOTLINE
Glossy finishes ENAMELS
"Here's the solution!" IHAVEIT
One going from party to party SOCIAL
Orange, black and white flutterer MONARCH

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