Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, June 7th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 7th 2017.

June 7th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'I've seen better' MEH
'Moreover ...' AND
'Save yourself!,' e.g PLEA
'The Fountainhead' author Rand AYN
'There ___ the neighborhood' GOES
'___ Misérables' LES
Actress Spacek SISSY
Amorphous shapes BLOBS
Announce loudly BLAREOUT
Apple desktop IMAC
Aquamarine or amethyst GEM
At the apex of ATOP
Away from the office, say NOTIN
Baseball boobird's target, often UMP
Bay Area campus, in brief UCSF
Boxing decision, for short TKO
Butcher's scraps OFFAL
Campus V.I.P PROF
Classic 1976 Ramones song that begins 'Hey! Ho! Let's go!' BLITZKRIEGBOP
Comfy sleepwear PJS
Determined to accomplish SETON
Diamond-patterned footwear ARGYLESOCK
Didn't get takeout ATEIN
Enjoy heartily, as a banquet FEASTON
Entreaty to Lassie GETHELP
Flippers, scuba tank, etc., for a diver GEAR
French girlfriends AMIES
Granite ___ (New Hampshire resident) STATER
Had as a customer SOLDTO
Hailed from afar CALLEDTO
Hardy work shoe feature STEELTIP
Home of the Norse gods ASGARD
Impossible chess ending with a king and knight versus a lone king MATE
Inexperienced RAW
Item in the lingerie department GARTERBELT
Jazzman Stan GETZ
Keister BUTT
Kick (out) BOOT
Kind of renewable energy SOLAR
Lake of daytime TV RICKI
Liane ___, longtime NPR host HANSEN
Like antlers and pitchforks PRONGED
Lost all patience HADIT
Low-frequency stereo component WOOFER
Mediterranean volcano ETNA
Nonalcoholic brew TEA
Not allowing sales of alcohol DRY
Old Testament paradise EDEN
Reliable source of income STEADYJOB
Religious unorthodoxy HERESY
Road-scraping custom car LOWRIDER
Roly-poly ROTUND
Safely run down the clock, in football TAKEAKNEE
Second Amendment advocacy grp NRA
Slimy outdoor pest GARDENSLUG
Take an ax to HEW
Tempt LURE
Text-displaying technology on Kindles EINK
U.S. base in Cuba, informally GITMO
University of Texas athlete LONGHORN
Unwind REST
Velvety SOFT
Wade noisily SLOSH
Walk with an awkward gait SHAMBLE
Wild way to run AMOK
Withdrawal charge ATMFEE
Wolfe of crime fiction NERO
Worthless mounds ASHHEAPS
___-tiller ROTO

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