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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 26th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 26th 2017.

June 26th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Given benediction, the old-fashioned way BLEST
Run out, as a subscription LAPSE
___ Wednesday ASH
Shakespeare's "The Winter's ___" TALE
Hoity-toity type SNOB
Self-centered sort EGOTIST
Be in a sorry state? REPENT
Biblical verb ending ETH
Like volleyball that's played jointly by men and women COED
Not go straight TURN
"Cat on ___ Tin Roof" AHOT
Passenger-screening org. TSA
Letters on a schedule meaning "We'll let you know" TBA
Went on dates with SAW
What the Titanic did, famously SANK
Father: Fr. PERE
See 15-Across STONE
Of similar character AKIN
Advance, as money LEND
Toy block brand LEGO
Cold fall SNOW
Turkish pooh-bahs AGAS
Open's opposite SHUT
Abandoned European capital LIRE
Not quite closed AJAR
Soldier who's gone missing AWOL
Allegiance LOYALTY
Cause to be cherished ENDEAR
Surgical knife LANCET
Exemplify humanity, say ERR
Contest award PRIZE
Subject of a long sentence? LIFER
Letters before gees EFFS
Golf peg TEE
Palindromic Nabokov title ADA
Big party BASH
"___ and the King of Siam" ANNA
Big stinger WASP
Nine-digit fig. on a Social Security card IDNO
Comparative suffix IER
Tennis umpire's call LET
Explosions BLASTS
Like the posture of humans ERECT
Person in a detached state? ALASKAN
Hit 2017 Jordan Peele thriller GETOUT
With 25-Down, alchemists' quest in a book released on June 26, 1997 THEPHILOSOPHERS
Office head BOSS
Money back REBATE
Evidence for determining paternity DNA
Swear (to) ATTEST
Victory WIN
Deadly snakes ASPS
Units in stables STALLS
Lion in "The Chronicles of Narnia" ASLAN
Coup d'___ ETAT
Enthusiastic KEEN
Alphabet chunk after D-E-F GHIJK
Column's counterpart ROW
Specialist's vocabulary LINGO
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Jay once seen nightly LENO
Fund, as a chair ENDOW
Coming from two speakers STEREO
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Bill who's a science expert NYE
Small program APPLET
Lawyers' org. ABA
"The Descent of Man" author DARWIN
Widespread RIFE
Star of the film version of the book referenced in 15-Across/25-Down DANIELRADCLIFFE
Comparable to a pin, in a phrase ASNEAT
Goes "Ah-choo!" SNEEZES
Persistently torment HARRY
Crafty person at a wheel? POTTER

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