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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 12th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 12th 2017.

June 12th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
$2,000, if you land on Boardwalk with a hotel RENT
'Aladdin' prince ALI
'Once ___ a time ...' UPON
'___ got a deal for you!' HAVEI
10:1, for example ODDS
1982 Disney film TRON
Actor who has hosted the Oscars nine times, a number second only to Bob Hope BILLYCRYSTAL
Affectedly creative ARTY
Agree (with) JIBE
Alternatives to purchases LEASES
Apply, as plaster DAUB
Baseball's ___ Joe DiMaggio JOLTIN
Beginning of a rom-com ... or a description of 20-, 36- and 41-Across? BOYMEETSGIRL
Beloved, in 'Rigoletto' CARO
Bert's pal on 'Sesame Street' ERNIE
Chemist's workplace LAB
Club Med, for one RESORT
College in New Rochelle, N.Y IONA
Comic actor who was an original cast member of SCTV JOHNCANDY
Computer command for the error-prone UNDO
Devastating hurricane of 2012 SANDY
Dickens lad who says 'God bless us every one!' TINYTIM
First of a series of sci-fi movies starring Sigourney Weaver ALIEN
Fissure RIFT
Geese formations VEES
Haunted house sound MOAN
He played Gomez in 1991's 'The Addams Family' RAULJULIA
Help desk offering INFO
In fine fettle HALE
India pale ___ ALE
Iris's place UVEA
Itsy-bitsy biter GNAT
Journey to Mecca HAJ
Key of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7: Abbr AMAJ
Limp watch painter DALI
Many flooring installers TILERS
Mascara is applied to them LASHES
Melville captain AHAB
New Age singer from Ireland ENYA
Outdated OLD
Pint-size PUNY
Powerful explosive AMATOL
Prefix with -zoic MESO
Preserves preserver JAMJAR
Repeated short bits in jazz RIFFS
Repellent VILE
Satanic EVIL
See 13-Down CON
Show the ropes to ORIENT
Skilled ADEPT
Soap bubbles SUDS
Something stubbed TOE
Sound of danger ALARM
Spring break activity in Miami Beach or Cabo PARTYING
Swiss capital, to French speakers BERNE
Thanksgiving meal FEAST
The 'f' of fwiw FOR
Throat dangler UVULA
Thumbs-down votes NAYS
Tube-shaped pasta PENNE
Units of nautical speed KNOTS
Watchdog org.? SPCA
Way overweight OBESE
Web crawler BOT
What 1 is to 2 and 2 is to 3 LESS
What's more ALSO
Wild animals BEASTS
With 21-Down, military hawk NEO
Word of woe ALAS
World Cup chant OLEOLE
Worship ADORE
Wrath IRE
Wrestling win PIN
___ and bear it GRIN
___ course (part of boot camp) OBSTACLE
___ Gaga LADY

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