Friday, June 9, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, June 10th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 10th 2017.

June 10th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Are you kidding me?!' WHATTHE
'So ___!' THERE
'___ Carey,' 9x platinum 1990 album MARIAH
Abbr. in a bibliographic citation ETAL
Bad spot ZIT
Begin at the beginning? MENACHEM
Bob who narrated 'How I Met Your Mother' SAGET
Bright camp wear BOAS
Character of book and film who was born John Clayton III TARZAN
Danger for a hiker BEARATTACK
Davy Jones's locker, with 'the' DEPTHS
Deli supply LOX
Drivel MUSH
Epithet meaning 'great soul' MAHATMA
Fast-food order placed millions of times a day worldwide HAPPYMEAL
Fitting coffee order on a submarine? SANKA
Forerunner in a race? EVE
Gothic architecture feature OGEEARCH
Greyhound destinations? DOGKENNELS
Half of a black and tan ALE
Income for general expenses? MILITARYPENSION
It's all the same CLONE
It's got teeth JAW
Jules or Jim, in 'Jules et Jim' AMI
Kids, typically DEPENDENTS
Koan contemplator ZENMONK
Launch of April 1968 APOLLOVI
Like the Golden Horde ASIATIC
Lived BEEN
Milky Way maker MARS
Mom and pop business? DNATESTING
Momentous EPOCHAL
National bird of Trinidad and Tobago IBIS
Number one advocate? EGOIST
O'Neill contemporary INGE
One way to look ASKANCE
Onerous TAXING
Passed the dessert? DIETED
Physics class project testing impact safety EGGDROP
Refuse work? JUNKART
Relative of a cod HAKE
Reprimand gruffly BARKAT
Ruin END
Runner's place BASE
Running around with one's hair on fire INAPANIC
Runs, for instance STAT
Scout uniform part SASH
Seed of a strawberry or sunflower ACHENE
Separate, as strands of hair TEASEAPART
Set free LOOSED
Ship's capacity TONNAGE
Skydivers' aids ALTIMETERS
Spot almost halfway through a course NINTHTEE
Staple of a barbershop shave HOTTOWEL
Staple of modern sci-fi movies, for short CGI
Stopwatch ticks: Abbr SECS
Subservient sort BETAMALE
Take some courses DINE
Two stars, perhaps ITEM
Uranus or Neptune ICEGIANT
Very old school ETON
Victor at Brandywine HOWE

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