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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 25th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 25th 2017.

June 25th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Sunscreen option SPRAY
Good quality in a model POISE
Puckish ELFIN
Lion in "The Lion King" NALA
Spy's attire, stereotypically TRENCHCAT
Like Robinson Crusoe MAROONED
Desktop sight ICON
Hard shoes to run in CLOGS
Often-doubled cry at a play AUTHOR
"Sure thing!," jocularly NOPROBLMO
Shakespeare's stream AVON
Former Haitian president Pr�val RENE
Loan shark, for one CREDITOR
Starts ONSES
The Wildcats of the Big East Conference VILLANOVA
Feverish fit AGUE
Base ___ TEN
Animal on Michigan's flag ELK
Be apprised (of) LEAR
Where Sanyo and Panasonic are headquartered OSAK
Slugs BLTS
Beat handily CREAM
Many a character on "The Big Bang Theory" TREKKIE
Science class, informally BIO
Personal commitment? IDO
Birthstone after sapphire OPAL
Game played on a map RISK
Does something ACTS
Observes Ramadan FASTS
Manual's audience USERS
Cunning sort SLYFOX
Lift things? CABLE
Minnesota's state bird LOON
Tennis great Tommy HAAS
Bricklaying or pipefitting TRADE
GPS display: Abbr. STS
___ acid (wine component) TANNIC
Brenda's twin on "Beverly Hills 90210" BRANDON
German digit ACT
Video game count LIES
Adjoining NEXTT
Fertile soil LOAM
___ Games PANAM
Island south of the Cyclades CRETE
Commemorative meal with wine SEDER
Round up CORRL
Frisbee, e.g. DISC
Singer heard in the first "Lord of the Rings" movie ENYA
Work day by day, say TEMP
Bush and Gore, in 2000 OPPONENTS
Do House work LEGISLATE
Vodka or gin: Abbr. ALC
Codswallop ROT
Petroleum byproduct used to make synthetic rubber ISOPRENE
Violet shade MUVE
Join together YOKE
Like some points MOOT
Leaf producer NISSAN
Texas A&M athlete AGGIE
Former SeaWorld performer SHAMU
___ wave TIDAL
Traffic headache SNARL
Dancer de Mille AGNES
November imperative VOTE
They can be brown or blonde ALES
Ta-tas BYES
Gave one's blessing to OKED
"Well done!" NICE
Give it ___ AGO
Surround, as fans might an idol MOB
Flaky stuff MICA
Deal watcher, informally NARC
Like most grapes OVATE
___ bear POLAR
"Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself" sloganeer, briefly ACLU
Finished OVER
British politician Farage NIGEL
Rummage (through) RIFLE
Rummage (through) ROOT
Southern bread PONE
Crept furtively SLUNK
Tree-damaging pest accidentally introduced to the U.S. in 1996 ASIANLONGHORNEDBELE
Ache YEN
One likely to have lots of perks CEO
Neither good nor bad SOSO
"Casablanca" woman ILSA
"Ol�! Ol�! Ol�!," for one CHANT
Eddie with the #1 country hit "Every Which Way but Loose" RABBITT
The "doll" in Ibsen's "A Doll's House" NORA
Southwest tourist destination FOURCRERS
Having a variegated, changing pattern KLIDOSCOPIC
Tech company founder Michael DELL
Tie up MOOR
Matey's cry AVAST
Sword go-with SHEATH
Residence of the Japanese imperial family for more than 1,000 years KYOTO
Baseball no-nos BALKS
Life is a bad one TERM
Request ASKFOR
Outdoor game for the very young TBALL
Yearbook sect. SRS
Constitution holder NATIONALARCIE
Some notebooks, in brief PCS
Second-largest city in Vermont ESSEX
Give a damn CARE
Rehab procedure DETOX
Singer Rimes LEANN
Ham-handed INEPT
Swiss river to the Rhine AARE
Skirt option MIDI
Hold forth ORATE
"Seinfeld" character COSMORMER
Dieter's salad order request NOOIL
Church area NAVE
Pair on a slope SKIS
Kitty POT
Gatekeeping org.? TSA
Canful in a cupboard ... or a hint to parts of six answers in this puzzle VEGETABLESHORTENING
___ friends AMONG
Three-time N.H.L. All-Star Kovalchuk ILYA
Rice-based drink SAKE
Actor Quinn AIDAN
Big name in organized crime, once GOTTI
Come together MEET
"You said it!" AMEN
Like those who really have guts? OBESE
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Titian's "Venus of Urbino," e.g. NUDE
Cheerleaders' practice YELLS

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