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New York Times Crossword Answers, June 15th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 15th 2017.

June 15th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Cheeseburger, large fries and a root beer,' e.g ORDER
'Wham!' POW
'You should know better!' TSK
*Bit of blue humor JOKE
*Clint Eastwood title role HARRY
*Gin, vermouth and olive juice concoction MARTINI
*Ill-gotten gains MONEY
*Lowdown scoundrel RAT
*No-good con man LIAR
*Secrets that would be embarrassing to reveal LAUNDRY
*Something that might be bleeped WORD
*Stink eye LOOK
*Underhanded stratagem TRICK
*Unpleasant task that 'someone has to do' JOB
*X-rated film PICTURE
2000s Japanese P.M ABE
Axis leader TOJO
B&O and others: Abbr RRS
Berth place MARINA
Brainstorm IDEATE
California tourist destination OJAI
Color much worn on St. Patrick's Day KELLYGREEN
Comparatively peeved SORER
Conciliatory gift SOP
Cousin, e.g.: Abbr REL
Dilettante AMATEUR
El ___ (weather phenomenon) NINO
End of a song at a New Year's Eve party SYNE
European sister brand of Buick OPEL
Expose, in verse OPE
Extended a greeting SAIDHI
Fatty acid, e.g LIPID
Former Cleveland Orchestra conductor George SZELL
Giggle HEHE
He sang (but did not write) 'I Write the Songs' MANILOW
Hit movie released on June 15, 1967 ... with a hint to this puzzle's theme THEDIRTYDOZEN
Identify TAG
Intersected MET
It has a 25-min. no-calculator section PSAT
It's used to pick things up EAR
John with five Grammys ELTON
Jungle gym, for one PLAYSET
Kind of warning MIRANDA
Like many early schoolhouses ONEROOM
Like some scratch-off lottery tickets INSTANTWIN
Lowdown POOP
Minute Maid Park player, for short STRO
Not quite right AMISS
Not so hot TEPID
Old beer with the ad line 'From the land of sky blue waters' HAMMS
One who's second to vote, usually NAY
One, overseas EIN
Pusillanimous TIMID
Quaint greeting to a lady or gent HOWDO
Race leader? ADAM
She had a 'major' role on 'M*A*S*H' LORETTASWIT
Sign with an arrow EXIT
Signature Obama measure, for short ACA
Some hosp. staffers LPNS
Something in a drafts folder EMAIL
Stallone and Stone SLYS
Suisse sweetheart CHERI
Sun god worshiper INCA
They get punched TIMECARDS
They're all in the family KIN
To laugh, in Lyon RIRE
Versus: Abbr OPP
Very, informally WAY
W. C. Fields persona SOUSE
Wallop BELT
Weigh in, say OPINE
Welcome at the door SHOWIN
What several characters in 'Coming Home' came home from, informally NAM
Winter frost HOAR
___ patch BRIAR

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