Friday, June 23, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, June 24th 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 24th 2017.

June 24th 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
Flanged support IBAR
Things analyzed in dendrochronology TREESTUMPS
Audible sign of age CREAK
Handouts, with "the" DOLE
Old competitor of Bikini Bare NEET
Wine barrel sources OAKS
Enhance ADDTO
Be worth it PAY
Goose, e.g. FOWL
Botanical trunks BOLES
Karaoke stand-in? LALA
Handle badly MISUSE
Beck album with the alternative hit "Where It's At" ODELAY
Like tailgates and trapdoors HINGED
Brand once advertised with "Take it off. Take it all off" NOXZEMA
Foyer furniture SETTEES
Bosom buddy ALTEREGO
Combination undergarment CORSELET
Cocina and ba�o, e.g. SALAS
See 11-Down FAVOR
The Secret Service dubbed her "Radiance" MALIAOBAMA
Some hospital work SCANS
Running gold medalist Steve OVETT
End with speed STER
Cline who wrote the 2011 best seller "Ready Player One" ERNEST
Do a 28-Down for OBLIGE
One of the Teletubbies LAALAA
Jeweled headwear DIADEMS
Sanctions OKS
Company with striking footwear TAPDANCERS
Activity requiring a crash course? DEMOLITIONDERBY
It may put you to sleep DRUG
A.F.C. North player STEELER
Follow, as a lead ACTON
Kids' game with a ball KEEPAWAY
Worthy of notice ONTHEMAP
Some whipped creams AEROSOLS
Bean in a pod? ALAN
Desperately wish HOPETOGOD
Von Rothbart's daughter, in ballet ODILE
New Age retreat in Big Sur ESALEN
Paradise is next to it LASVEGAS
Diamond cutter? MOWER
Holiday pie ingredient MINCEMEAT
Now-regulated growth regulator ALAR
Mr. Moneybags types FATCATS
One-named singer with the 2013 top 5 hit "Gentleman" PSY
Standing out SALIENT
Dreadful date, maybe CAD
Lifeline providers SAVIORS
Jazz Fest setting, informally NOLA
Dollars for quarters? HOMELOANS
Card count in ombre FORTY
Annual event covering about 1,000 miles IDITAROD
It might contain a discography BOXSET
Rats' hangouts NESTS
Like some harsh weather BELOWZERO
People bond with it GLUE
Was similar to PARALLELED
Lack of pressure EASE
Many a nature walk AMBLE
Big intro? MEGA
Producers of highlights DYES
"Get Yer ___ Out!" (1970 live album) YAYAS
"Love is not ___" ("Tears on My Pillow" lyric) ATOY

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