Friday, June 2, 2017

New York Times Crossword Answers, June 3rd 2017

On this page you will find all the answers to New York Times Crossword of June 3rd 2017.

June 3rd 2017 Answers

Clue Answer
'Evita' lyricist TIMRICE
'L'Arlésienne' suite composer, 1872 BIZET
'Understand?' CAPISCE
1975 Best Musical, with 'The' WIZ
Amazon rodent PACA
Ancient Greek land that fought Sparta ARCADIA
Athlete among athletes IRONMAN
Baja bears OSOS
Become slippery, in a way ICEOVER
Bleachers blaster AIRHORN
Brainstorm IDEATE
Corpus Christi, e.g SEAPORT
Cup holders SAUCERS
Décor features ACCENTS
Distracted, maybe UNALERT
Eventually LATERON
Gather with difficulty SCAREUP
Gets in on the game ANTESUP
Gives meaning to DEFINES
Guarantor ENSURER
Harangue RANTAT
Heartfelt EARNEST
Heraldic emblem of Scotland THISTLE
Horizontal pieces covering joints, in architecture FASCIAS
Infrequent ending for URLs BIZ
It may be a write-off BADDEBT
Kind of roast WEENIE
Like hippies, by nature ANTIWAR
Lose-lose NOWIN
Mississippi River explorer LASALLE
More severe STIFFER
Must pay OWESTO
Not wasted SOBER
Often-repeated line MANTRA
Open to everyone ALLAGES
Open-sided shelters RAMADAS
Overlook, as a fault SEEPAST
Part of a watch that holds the face's glass cover BEZEL
Passage between buildings AREAWAY
Personae non gratae PARIAHS
Philippine strongman ___ Duterte RODRIGO
Places where black-eyed Susans grow LEAS
Puerto Rican home to the Western Hemisphere's largest radio telescope ARECIBO
Recipient of a Mailer-Daemon notice SENDER
Saucy name? ALFREDO
Seriously hurt MAIMED
Shooter's target in soccer FARPOST
Sides of blocks STREETS
Sign of age RUST
Singer Clark PETULA
Slippery ELUSIVE
Some farm machinery REAPERS
Spanish muralist José María ___ SERT
Team that last won the World Series in 1979 PIRATES
Thickening agent in cookery TAPIOCA
Things you must choose, it's said BATTLES
To the point CONCISE
Turpentine is distilled from it PINESAP
Unwelcome comeback SASS
Weaver of Greek mythology ARACHNE
___-dieu PRIE

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